Monday, September 27, 2004

Today I published details of a ward closure at Benjamin Court Hospital in Cromer and commented on the clsoure of the Rebecca House Hospital in North Walsham. Both of these moves are deeply worrying. My releases are too long to add to the Blog but you can read the Banjamin Court one by CLICKING HERE and the one of Rebecca House by CLICKING HERE. I am growing very concerned at the number of residential and daycare units in North Norfolk which are being either closed down or run down in some way by the relevant healthcare or social services authority. On each occasion the explanation always given is that it is important that care be provided in the patient’s home where possible. In theory there is nothing wrong with this aim, but I worry that this policy is being driven by financial necessity rather than clinical or medical reason. The situation at Rebecca House Dementia Care Unit in North Walsham is a classic example. The closure of the day unit at Kelling for motor neurone patients and a Day Centre in Holt for people with learning difficulties are others.

My day was lightened when I was told by North Norfolk Radio that the Council's refuse collectors were refusing to empty wheelie bins at some houses where the owners were known to be gay. I thought this was a wind-up first of all, but it seems not. The Council have now promised to discipline those responsible. And quite right too.

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