Friday, September 03, 2004

From Erpingham to Exit

Tomorrow morning I'm out and about around Erpingham, Aldborough and Alby and will then spend the afternoon on the doorknocker in North Walsham. It's been a great week weather-wise, and it's not often I could have said that in recent times. It's also been quite a good week for George W Bush. Having watched a lot of the Republican Convention on the BBC Parliament Channel I have to say some of it left me slightly queasy. I thought Guiliani and Schwarzenegger were good, but Elizabeth Dole was terrible - and to think, I supported her for the Presidency once! Her constant religious moralising really grated. I think it's very dangerous when politicians start acting as if they were quasi-priests. Equally, I don't particularly like it when sermons become political speeches. I remember sitting through a sermon once debating whether to walk out of the church. In the end I decided not to but of course afterwards wished I had. Not quite sure how I got from Erpingham to a religious walkout, but that's the beauty of blogging!

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