Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Calm before the Storm

My company is running the bookshop at the Conservative Conference next week so it's a bit of a busy time. However, even this doesn't stop your ever hardworking candidate from doing a spot of political telephoning. I've been calling a random selection of people who have returned my local residents survey. Almost always they seem to find it difficult to believe that a politician would actually bother to find out what they think. I've never actually phoned someone and then thought it was a waste of time. Had a fascinating conversation with a home carer. She had written me a really heart wrenching letter about her life as a carer. The woman deserves a medal. What she actually gets is £6.08 an hour.


Anonymous said...

Iain - so what is Tory policy towards increasing carers' wages and conditions, given Oliver Letwin's proposal to freeze the DWP budget in real terms?


Iain Dale said...

Jon, you will know that carers are paid through local authorities, not the DWP. In any case, the James Committee have identified many efficiency savings to be made in the DWP budget.

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