Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Boris, Burnt Feet and Boring LibDems

Terribly excited about getting a link from Boris Johnson's new blog which you can view by CLICKING HERE. Coincidentally I finished a review of Boris's new novel SEVENTY TWO VIRGINS today for the EDP. I think it's going in on Saturday so I'll post it to the website when it appears.

A hectic day at work today preparing for our bookstand at the Conservative Party Conference. Had a long conversation with a lady from Stibbard about the playschool there which needs to raise money for a new building. Stibbard is getting a brand spanking new primary school building but the play school might be left homeless so I'm going to see what I can do to help. I was asked if I might like to do a skydive. I'm up for most things but as a friend of mine was killed doing that this year I declined with thanks. A few days ago a North Norfolk charity suggested I might like to walk over hot coals for them. I've heard of getting my fingers burnt but I draw the line at my feet! Anyone would think I was desperate for publicity... talking of which, the EDP printed a very truncated version of my letter (see below) today...Replete with picture of Norman Lamb. The Eastern Evening News quoted me talking about more Police for Norfolk and paying Special Constables.

Tomorrow I have a day in London. It starts with a meeting at POLICY EXCHANGE. This is a centre right think tank and I'm a trustee. I'm then going to listen to a Michael Howard speech on asylum and immigration and then by way of contrast going to talk to my theatrical agent (don't laugh) about getting more dates for my theatre show with Ann Widdecombe.

I could bore you to death about how boring the LibDem conference is, but I suspect if I'm bored with it dear reader, then so are you. And so to bed.

PS I just did a spellcheck (yes, I do sometimes!) and LibDem came up as an unrecognised word. The suggestion for its replacement was "lividness".

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