Monday, September 13, 2004

Catching up

It's been a busy few days. On Friday I took Rosalie Monbiot, the County Council Cabinet Member for Education to four primary/infants schools. We went to Suffield park, North Walsham, Worstead and Horning - all very different but also impressive. North Walsham has just come out of special measures so it was good to see the enthusiasm among the teachers and kids. In the evening I went to see someone to talk about pensions before attending a Conservative Policy Forum meeting in Cromer on how to encourage people to save. On Saturday I spent the day in Fakenham and Briston with a great group of people delivering our surveys and knocking on people's doors. Again, a great reaction. I drove to Kent on Saturday night to attend my partner's parents' golden wedding anniversary. Today I had to go to London to a book fair and to talk about a new book idea I have. There, that's caught up!

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