Friday, October 01, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Mark Wallace broke the story on the climate change fascists.
2. Walaa Idris thinks the Universal Credit is a winner.
Better Nation investigates the state of the Scottish blogosphere.
Mark Pack takes a look at Ed Miliband's donation figure.
Saw Bowman calls for an Irish Apocalypse.
John Redwood thinks the Coalition needs to change its message.
7. Tim Worstall praises Gordon Brown.
8. Man in the Shed wants to scrap our aircraft carriers.
9. Michael Edwards reckons men should do more washing up.
10. Hopi Sen reports that Jack Straw supports the Coalition's Prison Policy.
11. Direct Democracy thinks the Electoral Reform Society are playing tricks.
12. And finally, thanks to
Dylan Jones-Evans, a shameful plug for my native Wales...


Anonymous said...

The man in his shed is right about the carriers.

OldSlaughter said...

Quite apart from that ghastly Brian May-esque guitar solo and general butchering of a beautiful hymn, I must say I find that video a little strange. Really random and out of place.

If you miss it so much try the M4.

The man in the shed is semi-right about the carriers. They still have importance for force projection for low scale conflicts. Something which also due to our low long-range lift capability means we suffer.

It is not simply a general war tool. The rest is spot on however.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Never had you down as a native of Wales before - but it might explain why the Tories won't select you.

Tapestry said...

submarines are where it's at. carriers are useless against modern missiles and torpedoes. maybe all surface ships are now dated. Hundreds of missiles can be fired relatively cheaply. Ships are far too vulnerable.

Ships and planes that work without crew and pilots are the way ahead.

Returning Scot said...

Superb...we from the home of golf wish our celtic cousins well as the Ryder Cup continues to battle with the weather.

HampsteadOwl said...


I do think that you are missing the point of John Redwood's post, and of his mini-campaign more generally to draw attention to the continued growth in cash spending.

He's not saying the Conservatives should change the message. He's saying that they should change the policy.

Do we really think that John Redwood, of all people, would campaign on a message of "Vote Tory for more public spending". Of course not.

Look further down in the thread at the reply he made to my comment on his post. He says he thinks that the spending totals are "over-generous in the circumstances". In other words, Osborne isn't being tough enough cutting spending. That's what he's really about.

Iain Dale said...

Plaid, Grant Tucker posted this, not me.

Unsworth said...

Each time I visit Wales it's closed, or raining, or both.

javelin said...

My kids just posted the Eco-Nazi video of school kids blowing up and splattering their peers with their blood and brains on their peers. It'll be viral on a few days.

My 9 year son old laughed at first but then said "theyre not saying anything. It's not funny reallly, those Eco people just want to kill people" ... Yes they are son, well put, that's why they pulled the video because they let us know what they are really thinking.