Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welcome to Europe's Number One Blog

Wikio just emailed me to tell me that I have overtaken Germany's to become Europe's number 1 blog. Er, wow. I'm not sure how they work it out (someone out there will know), but I think it is related to traffic and incoming links.

Full details HERE.

Anyway, it's nice to know, and yet another thing which will wind up a few people on the left.


Dave H said...

"...that's largely as the perennially strong Spanish have again lost entrants..."

In the context 'I do not think it means what you [Wikio] think it means.'

BTW just listened to an R4 news report on the abuse of migrant workers. The abuse included being 'pushed by their superiors.'

One shouldn't make cheap political points over such a serious issue. But I thought I would anyway.

Dave H said...

(Sorry to continue be so O/T, Iain. I won't be gutted if this doesn't get through, but to my insensitively sick mind this story just became even more ironic)

From the Beeb website:

• One in five workers said they had been pushed, kicked or had things thrown at them by line managers

• A third revealed they had experienced or witnessed verbal abuse, often on a daily basis"

The EHRC said they had also heard sories of bullying.

Unite's Jack Harman has called for the people responsible to 'hang their heads in shame'. The British Retail Consortium said it took the findings very seriously.

I'm sure No. 10 will be rushing to endorse their condemnation of such despicable behaviour.

Anonymous said...

I am honoured and humbled to be in the presence, within the very portals, of such a leading blogger. .... and my dictionary says 'Appearing again and again; recurrent' for perennial.

Patrick said...

congratulations to you and all your staff. All the money has been well spent and late nights promoting yourself in the wee hours on late night tv has finally paid off!!!!

but now is not the time to put your feet up in your new offices with your shiny new phones (sponsored by vodafone ;-)

keep up the good work!

Matt Wardman said...

Links in , not traffic :-)