Sunday, March 07, 2010

Two Stops Short of Dagenham

I have just been watching the BBC Politics Show London edition [scroll in 30 mins], which concerned the situation in Barking. Nick Griffin refused to take part in the discussion between Margaret Hodge, Simon Marcus (the Tory candidate) and Dominic Carman who is standing for the LibDems.

Interestingly, Dominic Carman said in the interview that he only joined the Liberal Democrats in the Autumn of 2009. Why is this interesting? Because I am sure I read recently that LibDem PPCs have to have been members of the party for either 6 or 12 months. I can't remember which.

This, and next door Dagenham & Rainham, will be one of the 'seats to watch' on election night. Having said that, I suspect the local council results the next day will be the ones which really make the headlines.


Quiet_Man said...

Considering what the BBC got up too the last time they had Griffin on Question Time I don't blame the guy for not wanting anything to do with them.
The only way to expose the BNP is to drag them into the daylight of open debate, the BBC in its wisdom have given the BNP the perfect out to avoid such dealings with their hysterical attacks and never letting him speak his mind and expose himself to public scrutiny.

Prodicus said...

Three. Three stops.

Roger Thornhill said...

Being considered on a par with Hodge is insulting to anyone, even the likes of Griffin/Spode.

Tachybaptus said...

A delicate way of steering the metaphor away from Upton Park which is, famously, two stops short of Barking -- and thus a term for moderate insanity.