Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Tom Harris on a tale of two memoirs. Handbags between two Biteback MP authors.
2. Simon Clark on the successful blogging campaign to free Nick Hogan.
3. The Election Law Channel is launched.
4. ConservativeHome explains why ex Tory MP Christopher Gill is a total twat.
5. Jo Phillips on her book WHY VOTE? Mark Pack reviews it.
6. Charon QC on the rights and wrongs of interviewing Nick Griffin.
7. Iain Martin ridicules those who want to borrow more.
8. Anna Raccoon gets a hard on for statporn and rages against Stalinist 'no platformers'.
9. Simon Marcus on what it's like to fight the BNP in Barking.
10. The Vibe on how Michael Foot saved the Labour Party.
11. Letters From a Tory writes a letter to David Cameron.
12. Beau Bo D'Or has a unique take on Tony Blair's memoirs.


Michael Heaver said...

Iain, that is BANG out of order.

Christopher Gill is a twat for giving the electorate the opportunity to vote for a candidate who supports withdrawing from the EU, the restoration of grammar schools and many other mainstream, popular policies and values?

Don't be absurd. That's just partisanship to the max.

Anonymous said...

A mother on QT has just kebbabed Labour and Brown by saying she has to buy better than 'it for purpose' equipment for her son as he prepares to go to Afghanistan.

Martin said...

If you think Tory MP Christopher Gill is a total twat, why don't you just say it, instead of hiding behind other (bigger) people?

Tachybaptus said...

Missing link to Beau Beau D'Or's disturbingly horrible picture is

Or take this direct link.