Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Iain Martin's cup runneth over with anticipation of the Blair memoirs.
2. Max Atkinson on Michael Foot's memorable oratory.
3. Simon Clark on a small victory for free speech on the net. The Forest site has been unbanned.
4. Ragbag pays tribute to Michael Foot.
5. Dick Puddlecote on how a Labour MP has screwed her constituents.
6. SNP Tactical Voting on why a hung parliament is no joke.
7. Keep Right Online has an alternative Blair book cover.
8. Nick Bryant on uses for former Prime Ministers.
9. Rory Stewart on a battle for the local in Cumbria.
10. Rachel Reeves on her book WHY VOTE LABOUR.
11. Nadine indulges in a bit of girl talk.
12. Keith Simpson MP reviews Andrew Rawnsley's book.


Simon Harley said...

Stewart doesn't allow comments. Interesting.

javelin said...

Just watched the BBC news about Gordon Briwn appearing in front if the Chilcot committee.

What was striking was rather than refering to Gordon as the Prime Minister they are calling him Mr Brown. My first reaction was who? Then why have they stopped calling him the PM? Then I see they have stopped calling him the PM because people don't make the negative link.