Monday, March 01, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Mark Pack on how the internet is changing politics. A must read.
2. Grumpy Optimist on what Cameron must do and what if Labour were to win.
3. Giresh Gupta on the importance of Twitter to politics and journalism (includes podcast).
4. Michael Crick on why the leaders' debates have been cancelled in favour of Prime Ministerial debates.
5. Dizzy Thinks Labour's new slogan is meaningless.
6. Roy Stewart invites...
7. Tom Harris on the art of canvassing.
8. Danny Finkelstein on Stewart Wood and Gordon Brown.
9. Betsan Powys on more trouble for Labour shortlists.
10. Charles Crawford says Free Nick Hogan.
11. Douglas Carswell on why the Levellers would vote Conservative.
12. Andrew Lilico on an ONS blunder.


Anonymous said...

The ONS blunder was a disgrace and showed the media up in a bad ligjht as well.

Edmund Conway in the paper I love to hate wa an honourable exeption.

Tom be fair to her Stephanie Flanders (Swann?) was downbeat and did say that output in 4Q was actually lower than previously estimated - though the whole implication was somewhat casual in its reporting.

But the whole episode shows how badly the public is served by people actually telling them the truth about what is going on.

Anonymous said...

In respect of betsans Blog - I see Tamsin Dunwoody rides again.

But the other comment on the post which is worth recording is this one

"Where seats are contested resources flow, look at the hospital bed ratios in Monmouthshire/Vale compared to other counties. "Safe" seats result in stagnation and failed investment. There should be no safe seats in Wales."

Safe or unwinnable seats do not get investment from labour governments.
We are certainly no longer 'one nation'.

Anonymous said...

I see Robinson is doing his best to dish dirt on Ashcroft - without a shred of any justification.

YouGov widens to 7% --- 39 32 17

ComRes - narrows to 5. ---- 37 32 19

I think labour on 32 is feasible.

As for other percentages with other polls - you tell me. YouGov continually marks Libdems down.

Andrew said...

Re Michael Crick

Why would Clegg be involved in a Prime Ministerial debate if Salmond is excluded because he can't win?

Martin said...

Finally the Tories are waking up to BBC bias. Michael Gove on Newsnight laid into rat face about why only the Tories get asked difficult questions. Well hallelujah, welcome to the party. For years many of us have been banging on about the utter hatred the BBC have towards the Tories. Camerons lovey dovey crap with the beeboids won't work.

Compare how Toenails slithered up Brown's arse tonight to Tom Bradby who dumped a bucketful over the BBC (his comment about certain elements of the media and venom) and the Labour party refusing to give him the status of several of their donors.

I also notice the BBC seem to think the trade unions don't control the Labour party. The Unite union backed by Winnit Whelan are dictating Labour candidates.

Oh and then Lord Mandelson spouts up. Did the beeboid interviewing him ask about his mortgage application by chance? Er no. We know Ashcroft hasn't broken any laws, but Mandelson and his mortgage? We're still waiting for that answer are we not?