Thursday, August 10, 2006

Channel 4 News Morning Report Podcast: Mel Smith & Jeffrey Archer

My Channel 4 News Morning Reports Podcast today featured a piece about Mel Smith not being allowed to smoke on stage, where I quoted the Daily Pundit, Devil's Kitchen and Mars Hill Blog.

My blog of the week is Jeffrey Archer's blog, and I quote the views of Brian Micklethwait and One Man & His Blog. You can see the write up on the More4 Blog and download it HERE (it's about 3 minutes).


ian said...

Can you fix the links... they all seem to go to Jeffrey Archer, which is not where I want to go!

beethoven writes said...

Jeffrey Archer's blog is indeed fascinating reading but he hasn't updated it since the last Millenium!

Paul Burgin said...

"Can you fix the links... they all seem to go to Jeffrey Archer, which is not where I want to go!"
Thanks for the plug Iain, and also for getting my surname pronounced correctly. I was especially pleased that the actor reading my blog has a better voice than me!

rigger mortice said...

he does drop names doesn't he?

There's a shock!

garypowell said...

For the record
4 months ago I did a driving tour of Europe ,taking in Belgium Germany Luxembourg France Austria and Switzerland. If there is any smoking restrictions at all I did not notice any, either that or nobody pays any attention to them. We used to laugh at Europe and its unnessery tottalitarian rules, soon they will be laughing at us.

One things for sure very few European smokers of which there is still 10s of millions, will be coming here on holiday more than once.

Anybody with any experience of care for the very elderly in Britain, would start smoking 60 a day right now. said...

Oh dear, you seem to have upset the poor little Greek boy


Anonymous said...

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