Sunday, May 15, 2005

Tieing up the Modernisers

I've just watched the Politics Show piece by Jo-Anne Nadler on what the word 'Moderniser' means in the Tory Party. Judging from recent TV appearances the definition of a moderniser is someone who thinks they should do a political interview without wearing a tie. Andrew Lansley hasn't got one on being interviewed by a tieless Jeremy Vine. Liam Fox was desperately trying to show some chest hair on GMTV earlier and Francis Maude seems to believe wearing a jacket and tie at the same time is some sort of heinous sin. They should all be asking themselves before going on TV without a tie: "What would my mother say?" I tried it once, while doing a newspaper review on the BBC and got a right good telling off. And deservedly so.


Anonymous said...

Next thing you know, you'll have David Davis being interviewed in combats and a T shirt.

Anonymous said...

Mmm,I'd like to see that! Seriously, when DD did that show at the Royal Festival Hall with Tony Benn, that shirtsleeves thing really worked - very JFK.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of sartorial madness, was the sight of Desmond Swayne MP strolling thru Portcullis House, in a Superman t-shirt and cut-off combats. Hopefully he was coming straight from the gym and this is not new Party policy on dress. It was definitely not a dress down Friday so one could not even excuse it with that. Now, Dessie is quite fit but I shudder to think of what our more portly members would look like in mufti. Nicholas Soames, Sir Patrick get my dirft.