Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Come on You Irons!

This evening will be spent biting my nails as West Ham aim to beat Ipswich to claim a place in the playoff final in Cardiff next weekend. And if they do I shall be off to Welsh Wales to visit my friend Matthew Lane. Matt was Area Campaign Director in Norfolk & Suffolk before he was made Dirctor of the Party in Wales at the grand old age of 28. Mind you, he looks about 48. Just havin' a giraffe! Come on you Irons! Wouldn't it be great to pass Norwich City on the way up to the Premiership? ALAN PARDEW'S CLARET & BLUE ARMY!


Anonymous said...

I hope he is more successful in bring your team luck than he was as Tory campaign supremo for Noroflk and Suffolk. I note that the average vote in seats in Norfolk and Suffolk saw a decrease in the Tory vote of 0.6% per seat (Averaged out across all the seats in those counties). No wonder he has been moved on !

Iain Dale said...

Matt moved to Wales in October last year and won three seats, so he's a very happy boyo. Interesting statistic though. I shall ponder that one.

Anonymous said...

I wont here a word against Matt . He works so hard for the party and had some great results in Wales !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Matty Fan