Friday, May 20, 2005

Bad Hair Day

Have you seen Anne McGuire's hair on Question Time?!!! To think, she probably paid some Edinburgh 'stylist' a fortune for that!


Anonymous said...

Now Iain, that was a really sexist comment. I've seen some pretty horrendous men's hairdos. Why just single out Anne McGuire's - what about George Galloway's 'shooshy' do?

Barbara, Horning

Iain Dale said...

Or for that matter Matthew Taylor's! Or, indeed my own. Couldn't think of anything interesting to say so I naturally resorted to personal insults. I really must learn... Now, Barbara, aren't you glad the DTI name change was reversed? Just think, you'd have to sign your letters PA to the Shadow Secretary of State for the DPEI. Perish the thought!

Lady Finchley said...

Not to mention Andrew Neil's 'do'!Iain, your penchant for making hilarious personal insults is what makes us love you so!

I'll tell you who has an amazingly great hair-do - the lady who James thought I might have been on Election night. Not only was she coiffed to die for but incredibly coolly elegant in that Jackie Kennedy way. Iain you might not have won (this time) but you had the most stylish entourage!

Iain Dale said...

That's a huge consolation. Not!