Sunday, May 08, 2005

Comments are Back!

I have switched the Comment facility back on, so feel free to comment on anything I have said. Please keep it within the bounds of reasonableness though!

I've been on Radio 5 Live this morning talking about what it's like to lose. I was on with the LibDem David Walter who lost in Devon. Strangely enough I published his book on the Strange Rebirth of Liberal England. Ironic that he lost and so did I. He's a nice guy and I hope he'd say the same about me. Also with us was the ex Labour MP for Croydon. He was asked why Tony Blair did not appear on any of his election literature and he came up with a classic - "I wasn't trying to hide him under a bush"! I said that was an unfortunate turn of phrase to say the least.

That was my second appearance on 5 Live in 12 hours. I'm hoping to rebuild my career as a political commentator which I had to give up once I became a Candidate.

It's actually rather nice being able to speak my mind again. I just had an email from someone saying "FWIW Lib Dems can get away with being pro-life becuase they believe inredistribution whereas Tories would like the poor to starve, ultimately. Pro-life tories simply want to make life tougher for people so they can develop virtue or some malicious nonsense like that." This idiot had asked me for my views on abortion and then, when I expressed a view which he didn't agree with, told me I should "mind my own bloody business"! I must admit I emailed him back and told him to 'go hang'. Couldn't have done that a week ago! Why is it that you simply cannot have a rational debate about abortion?


Anonymous said...

Do not give up. The next election will provide plenty of safe and winnable seats to go for, where there is no Lib Dem in site. As for a new career, perhaps you could replace Boris at the Speccie or Portillo on 'This Week'. Anyway what is your view on the future of the party and the leadership issue?

Gary B said...

I agree with the above. Take a look at the electoral map now, their are plenty of Labour held ultra-marginal seats, so much so that if there is 1% swing to the Tories nationally at the next election, Mr. Brown's parliamentary majority goes up in smoke. There should be some safe seats up for new candidates at the next election also.

Henry Mayhew said...

What is your take on UKIP? I can't see the Tories getting back into government when passionate pro-common law and parliamentary sovereignity people like me are motivated to work and stand for UKIP. I don't see it as an issue about "Europe", but about the kind of democracy I want to live in on this island. No other issue comes close to that of my personal freedom - something I consider to be increasingly threatened.

Anonymous said...


It was always going to be a tough one mate and parliament needs some bright modern candidates like yourself. Stand in a vulnerable Labour seat - get in and get on!

Good luck!

Jonathan Sheppard said...

I too have just about recovered from the campaign. Still can't believe your result. We need people like you to help keep the party in touch with the real world. We will just have to dust ourselves down and get ready for the next battle - and I think there will be somebig ones during the next few years of Labour rule!