Tuesday, May 17, 2005

DD Blog

For those interested in these things there is now a David Davis Blog, which you can find in the links down the left hand side. And before anyone else suggests it, no I'm not behind this particular blog!


Max said...

Hi Iain,

I know that you are a big supporter of DD but as a party member I was wondering if you could give me a bit of reassurance.

I'm concerned that by electing him leader we will have another lurch to the right. What I'm looking for in a leader is someone who can appeal to moderate 'one-nation' Tories in places like Scotland (where I live in our only Scottish constituency), Wales and the North of England.

What can you tell me about DD to convince me that he is the man to help us break out of our South East powerbase?

Iain Dale said...

Max, i think you will pleasantly surprised by DD. He is not the right wing headbanger he is made out to be in some quarters. I've known him for nearly 20 years and I can assure you that as a Northern MP he is totally committed to rebuilding the Party's base throughout the whole of the UK. That will require courage and innovation. If we're to get back to power we need some more Scottish seats. And it'll be down to people like you to get involved and help us campaign. I am sure that DD will be attracting public support from all wings of the Party, not just the right. Ian Taylor, a key Ken Clarke supporter, has already declared for him and I know of several others who will also do so.

Max said...

Thanks for that Iain. The more I've seen/heard him, the more impressed I've been. I do think a competitive leadership election would be good for the party to help clear the air, but I hope David Davis will emerge as the only serious candidate to take the party forward.