Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ready for the Weekend, Sir?

Just arrived in Swanton Abbott for the weekend after a tortuous journey. Because of the ridiculous roadworks on the A11 I drove up the A12 and A140.

The DD bandwagon gathers pace as Julie Kirkbride and Ian Taylor both declared themselves today. Julie had supported Portillo and Clarke in the last two contests and Ian Taylor is a solid Clarkeite but believes DD can unite the Party from a One Nation perspective. The broad coalition is beginning to build quite nicely and I expect to see some similar declarations soon.

The Telegraph reports today that the Candidate's List is to be reduced from 1,000 to 150. I don't understand the rush. Surely this sort of thing should wait until a new leader is elected? I have some fairly strong views about how the Candidate's List should be run in future - which I'll keep to myself for now - but antagonising most of the people who did the spadework during the last election is not a good idea. These are the very people whose talents and commitment need to be utilised over the next couple of years, yet this move risks not only alienating them but made to feel they've been wasting their time.

Tomorrow I'll be going to see some old faces and then on Sunday lunchtime I have a thank you get together for about 70 people involved in my campaign.

Anyone seen my article in the New Statesman?

And next week I'll be tieing things up before starting my new job. I could tell you what it is, but if I did, I might have to shoot you...


Anonymous said...

Have you seen that the Times is endorsing David Cameron, for the leadership. To be fair to the Times, he is the only other credible candidate. The problem is like DD, but to a greater extent, what does he stand for?

Toque said...

Excellent news. Iain, do you know what David Davis' position on an English parliament is? In the past he has publicly expressed support for a referendum on one.

Theo Spark said...

Wouldn't it be better to concentrate on getting rid of Blair and seeing who takes over. If economy starts to go pear shaped Brown may not walk in. Then pick a leader to take on Lieboors new 'leader'.

Anonymous said...

David Davis is indeed a strong politician, but he has not one chance of connecting with the population of this country who are in their 20s and 30s. Michael Heseltine is right, this age group is entirely disconnected from the Conservative Party.

Iain Dale said... opposed to MH who is totally in touch with 20 and 30 year olds and unlike the Consrervative Party is seen as hip, cool and without privilege... Isn't it interesting that MH is always hauled out of his arboretum whenever there is any Conservative Party controvery so discuss. On the basis that if you give a monkey long enough playing a piano he will play a sonata, one day MH will say something helpful to the Conservative Party. But I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I do not want to hear from any politicians in the useless Major government between 92-97. There were only two vaguely competent Minister (Ken Clarke and Michael Howard) and the rest were a pretty useless bunch. Heseltine himself, is overrated as a politician because of his speaking skills (like Robin Cooke). It was Hezza that screwed the Nottinghamshire miners, who had helped the Tories beat Scargill in one of the most shameful acts in that government.

BTW, the ear plugs should also be applied to Tebbit, who should have had the whip withdrawn for effectively advocating Tories in Thanet South vote against their candidate (he lost due to a big UKIP surge).


Cllr Francis Lankester said...

To describe Clarke as having been a competent minister is laughable. As Education and Health Secretaries he caused massive offence and modernised Conservative support among public service professsionals out of existence. He is (in)famous for comparing ambulance staff to bus drivers. As a teacher, I can personally vouch that he was an arrogant and clueless Education minister.
He was also a firm supporter of catastrophic ERM membership. The Education service I worked for was cut by 25% as a result. I for one will never forgive him, never vote for him and never be a member of a party of which he is leader.
Oh yes-and he was elected in 1970 so he's been in politics too long, he's told us a pack of lies about Europe and he makes a fortune out of directorships, including selling cigarettes to children in developing countries. He can talk the talk, but in reality is a member of the Westminster Club- not a poltician with any merit whatsoever. So this obviously clearly qualifies him to be Hesseltine's favourite. Heaven help us.

Robb's diclexsiatic teechher said...

You know, I have read the NS from start to finish and didn't come across your article. What was it about?

Anonymous said...

Obviously another lib dem then,NS does not stand for New scientist!

Robb said...

Are you being culled? I will give you credit - you could not be faulted on your industry in fighting the last election. You were out of your league, but you deserve another chance to build on the experience that you have gained. Possibly in a Labour seat where the Conservatives are the main challengers. You would probably do very well if you avoided personal attacks against your opponents both as individuals and as a party, even if they attack you. Do your research, set out your stall and devote yourself body and soul to sorting out the thousands of individual problems that your future constituants might have. Then you will be at the starting point.

Iain Dale said...

Right, here goes..

Andrew: The Times did not endorse Cameron. They merely said he should stand. I like Cameron very much, but I agree with Michael Portillo's comment that no one knows really where he stands on anything. That may of course change.

Gareth: I don't know. I know he used to be in favour of it and co-wrote (I think) a pamphlet on the issue with Teresa Gorman.

Theo: No. We should choose the right leader for our Party, not the right leader for Labour!

Robb/Graham: You reading powers are not very good if you couldn't find my article. It takes up a page. As to whether I will be culled, that's for me to know and you to guess. I thank you for your kind and well meant advice. I do hope you follow your own advice. By the way, what is your majority on the District Council for Antingham?

Henry of Walsingham said...

Er...Anonymous, what was wrong with Patrick Mayhew at Northern Ireland may I ask,(full disclosure, my papa)? Also Iain, is it tieing or tying? I have always thought tying myself.

Robb said...

I got 49.37% of the vote despite the intervention of an Independent who had previous conections with the Lib Dems and who was very popular in her own village. The Conservative candidate got 34.68%