Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I've seen the future...

David Davis has a thoughtful article in The Telegraph today. Click on the link below.;sessionid=PZEF3IKGLHTOFQFIQMFCM5OAVCBQYJVC?xml=/opinion/2005/05/11/do1102.xml&sSheet=/opinion/2005/05/11/ixopinion.html


Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem very thoughtful, it just sounds like more of the same out-of-touch thinking that the Conservatives are in trouble for. Idealisms are all very well - low tax economies are essential, but not once in his article did David Davis actually say how he would connect with the people of this nation. They listen, but they don't understand.

To issue an article saying "we need to rethink, we need to modernise, we need to connect, we need to understand" is if anything, rather ridiculous at this stage. I don't see many Conservatives going round "we don't need to modernise, we don't need to connect, we don't need to understand", so inevitably people will agree.

The appointment of George Osborne is just ridiculous, his experience in life is what exactly? Rich kid given top position in internal party machine and then given a safe seat. That really helps connect the Party with real people.

malcolm said...

It was a well written article but didn't actually say very much.Who could disagree with anything he writes?
I will be more interested when Davis starts to articulate more specific policy ideas.
Re your comment about George Osborne, Gordon Brown had also achieved nothing outside politics before he became Chancellor?
Indeed most of Blairs soulmates Milburn,Byers Hoon etc were emenintly unqualified for the jobs they were given.It was sometime before they were found out!

Anonymous said...

Indeed Gordon Brown hadn't achieved a great deal either before entering politics, but the modern day Conservative Party needs MPs with more experience and more actual achievements. George Osborne is not someone that the 18-30 years olds are going to see as a man they can respect for his achievements, indeed, although I may be a staunch Conservative, I would not vote for him.

Anonymous said...

These are the ramblings of a man who cannot see what went wrong this time round, and has no idea about what to do next time round.
On taxation there was hardly any difference between all 3 parties, and given the treatment of Howard Flight there is clearly a complete lack of confidence that offering further tax cuts is really going to work.
Given the global economic instability at the moment, cutting taxes would be a hard choice to make.
And still in 2005, there is nothing in the article about the environment and global warming. With this kind of blindness, how in 4 years time do you think the Conservatives are going to win the youth vote next time round?

malcolm said...

With respect anonymous,Howard Flight was dismissed not for saying tax cuts were a bad idea but because he implied that the Conservative Party were lying about their true intentions.Therefore Howard was in my opinion,was entirely correct in getting rid of him.
As regards the enviroment and global warming this was ignored by the other major parties as well.
Sad as it is if there is going to be something serious done to protect our enviroment it will have tough economic and social consequences.
None of the parties want to take any risks therefore none will offer meaningful solutions therefore no debate at elections.

malcolm said...
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