Friday, May 20, 2011

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm

Next week I will be sitting in for Nick Ferrari and hosting the LBC Breakfast Show from 7-10am.


7PM: Terror suspects: What should we do with people we suspect of terrorism? A man the police think could conduct a terrorist attack in London has been exported to a Midlands city in order to protect the London public. Why isn’t this man behind bars?

8PM Cars: Is Britain falling out of love with the car? A new study shows that fewer and fewer of us are learning to drive and we have reached what some are calling “peak car”. Car use in London has held steady over the last 15 years. Why? Is it because more people work from home? Has public transport got better?

9PM The sale of Waterstones: What do you want to see from your local bookshop? Are bookshops destined for the retail scrapheap?

930PM Twitter: Do you use twitter? Do you regard it as a force for good or ill?

Listen at 97.3 FM, on DAB, Sky 0112, Virgin 973 or at Phone in on 0845 60 60 973. Text 84850. Email Tweet me @lbc973

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