Monday, May 16, 2011

On My LBC Show From 7pm...

7PM Libya: The International Criminal Court is seeking the arrest of Colonel Gadaffi for crime against humanity. Does this give the international community the excuse it needs to intensify the campaign in Libya and hunt down the Libyan leader.

8PM Dying Matters Awareness Week: Why is death such a taboo subject in Britain? Why are we so reluctant to talk to each other about dying? Is it because we fear death? Is the desire to live forever a natural one? Has your attitude to dying changed as you’ve got older? Why are women more scared of dying than men? Does the fear of dying make us reluctant to plan for the end of our own lives. Surely if we talk about it, plan ahead we can prevent the things we are frightened about from happening?

9PM LBC Book Club with Kay Burley (First Ladies, HarperCollins, pb £7.99) and Catherine Mayer (Amortality, Vermillion, PB, £12.99)

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