Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. David Starkey warns adopting AV could send us back into the past.
2. Shamik Das thinks Ken Livingstone has gone mad.
3. Joe Murphy shows the brainchild of the AV baby posters.
4. Lloyd Evans reviews PMQs.
5. Tom Perrin warns Cameron against a reshuffle.
6. Guido reveals that Eddie Izzard is just another politician.
7. John Redwood reckons it is time to bring our troops home.
8. Daniel Korski wonders if Chris Huhne is proving coalitions don't work.
9. Douglas Carswell has decided which way he is going to vote.
10. Ben Duckworth doesn't think Chris Huhne will be the next Lib Dem leader.
11. Toby Harnden reports on the loose lipped Joe Biden.
12. Tim Padgett catches up with the students who were with Bush on 9/11.

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