Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. David Blackburn thinks Graeme Archer proves right wing blogs aren't dead.
2. Jerry Hayes gives us the lowdown on rape sentencing.
3. Political Scrapbook look at the Cabinet Of The Living Dead.
4. Thomas Sowell provides us with his usual economic wisdom.
5. Mark Wallace isn't pleased with Ken Clarke's attitude to rapists.
6. Harry Cole insists that Chris Huhne must go.
7. Robert Halfon reckons a PR elected Lords will create more patronage.
8. Sunny Hundal reviews Lord Ashcroft's latest analysis.
9. Robert Colville shows that the Trade Unions have never been so tame.
10. Michael Crick is getting ready to watch the scramble of MPs.
11. Cranmer tackles House of Lords reform.
12. Andy Mayer is disapointed with the health reform retreat.

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