Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On My LBC Show From 7pm...

7PM Coalition: Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the creation of the coalition. I want to know what you want to see the coalition do in its second year. Does David Cameron need to shake up his team and have a reshuffle. Who should he sack, and which talent should he promote? And should be bring back David Laws into the cabinet? And does Ed Miliband need to change tactics to score a few more political hits?

8PM The LBC YouGovStone debate: We’ll be crossing to the Royal Commonwealth Society where my colleague James O’Brien will be hosting a debate on the coalition’s first year, featuring LBC’s very own Mehdi Hasan and David Mellor, together with Dianne Abbott, Dame Anne Leslie, Vicky Pryce and Peter Kellner.

9PM LBC Medical Hour with Dr Rob Hicks.
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PJH said...

"I want to know what you want to see the coalition do in its second year."

How about making a start on the the stuff they promised they'd do in the first year and haven't even bothered starting with or kicked into the long grass?

Red Tape?

Civil liberties?

Referendum on the EU (That said, all three parties promised this one, and we still didn't get it.)