Sunday, February 20, 2005

Figure Juggling

A day in the Cromer office designing literature and trying to juggle the election budget. During the election campaign itself we are allowed to spend a maximum of £12,500. We have to legally account for every penny we spend, so the budgeting process is pretty crucial. If you think that one election address costs little short of £2,000 you can see that it's not easy to do all you want during the campaign. This is why there is so much acitivity in advance of the campaign itself.

As the St Benet's by-election enters its final stages we'll be putting out our final literature tomorrow. I wonder what effect the cold weather will have on the turnout. At Happisburgh it was 50% and I would expect something similar on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

good luck with the byelection + real election iain! I just wondered, why is the local byelection on a tuesday when they are usually held on thursdays? indeed there are other byelections being held then. Just wondered!

Anonymous said...

Iain needs luck in abundance - I have heard from a senior Conservative spy that, if there is a poor Conservative result in the byelection tomorrow, then there may well be a move to deselect him [even at this late stage]

Iain Dale said...

No that IS indeed very funny, and if I needed proof that the LibDems are rattled then I have it now. I'd love to know who this senior Conservative spy is! Dear oh dear. Is there nothing these pathetic Liberals will not stoop to.

The by election is being held on a Tuesday because one of the polling stations was being used for a pantomime last week and this Thursday there is a full Council meeting.

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly - I couldn' grass on my senior Conservative spy but I will give you a clue - she's female and you have a mutual friend in common on the opposition front bench. Now do you know who I mean....?