Friday, February 11, 2005

Another Fuller Than Full Day

This morning I went to a special service at Norwich Cathedral to mark the 450th anniversary of Gresham's School. Quite moving really. Sat five rows behind the Duke of Edinburgh. The Bishop of Norwich was in good form, reminding us that today was the 30th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's accession to the leadership of the Tory Party. Well done Bish.

Then had a few photos taken at North Walsham Railway Station, went to see a chap in Sheringham who can't get ax X Ray for three months, then onto Blakeney to speak at a Conservative AGM and then to Overstrand for another coastal defences meeting. The church was full - at least 300 people there. Tomorrow I'm out on the streets of Holt & North Walsham. Then in the evening my parents are coming up to be at a dinner we are holding with Gillian Shephard in Sheringham. My Dad's a bit of a fan of Mrs S so God knows what will happen. Parents, eh?!


Anonymous said...

Holt, surely?

Iain Dale said...

Typo. Sorry. have now corrected.