Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Durex Bunny & Mrs S

A very windy morning spent canvassing in Holt followed by a quieter afternoon in North Walsham. Again, an excellent response with quite a few switchers. Hilarious end to the day when I called on a lady who had had a large LibDem poster at the last election on a prime poster site. Apparently they just put it up without asking and she said she didn't like to cause trouble! She also asked us while we were there if we would mind changing the battery in her clock. I said I'd be delighted to. She then told me to fetch the durex battery from the sideboard!!!

This evening we had a very good dinner at the Priory Maize at Beeston Regis. Gillian Shephard was in fine form. I really wish she wasn't standing down as I was really looking forward to being a colleague of hers on the green benches. Great to see her husband Tom again.

Still think Blair might announce the election tomorrow.

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