Friday, October 01, 2010

Why Climate Change Denying Schoolkids Should Be Executed

I was assuming this was a spoof, but it appears not. It's part of a video campaign by the climate change pressure group 10:10. Essentially it says that any child who doesn't take action to cut their own carbon emissions by 10% should be executed. Nice, eh? This group is a perfect example of climate change fascists. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Hattip: Christian May


Mirtha Tidville said...

Which just goes to show if thats the level of your argument then its fundamentally flawed.....

Will said...

Wow that's the most offensive thing I've seen in a long time. Their message seems to be that if you don't agree with us, we'd rather you were dead.
If that isn't a summary of what it means to be a facist, I don't know what is.

Duncan said...

Good video, thanks for the link. Of course, it doesn't say anything at all about executing children, or office workers, or David Ginola, or Gillian Anderson. It's clearly using shock tactics to put a point across, but equally clearly it's not advocating any such action.

Still, the more knee-jerk morons who kick up a fuss, the more effective the PR campaign will be, so knock yourself out.

Jonathan Hunt said...

Typical that Spurs would be involved in another desperate video

But seriously, why is this acceptable?

The new world religion. Comply or die.

brittenbags said...

I really do not know what to say.

J&B said...

That is the most shocking and offensive video I think I have ever seen. Disgraceful.

Nicki UK (Trans Authoress) said...

All i can say to that is what the feck ??????????????

Not a sheep said...

Duncan: Is there any imagery that you would find offensive or a cause of incitement, or is everything fair game in the world of the ecomentalists?

Also is anyone who doesn't agree with the views you espouse automatically deemed a 'knee-jerk moron'?

jwildbore said...

Are you sure this isn't a spoof?

If it isn't I hope the 10:10, Labour, the BBC, Anglia University and all other climate change freaks go large with it. I can't think of any better propaganda to promote sensible scientific discussion over religious left-wing dogma.

Peter said...


Libertarian said...

@Duncan and others of the same religion. I suggest you go and look at Greenpeace material. I suggest you listen to Right Hon Lord Sir Jonathan Porett on the need for eugenics.

The Green movement is in favour of drastic population reduction. Their schemes for DDT and biofuels over many years that have resulted in untold numbers of 3rd world deaths is testament to their goals.

The Greens like using shock tactics and have lots of other excuses for telling lies and falsifying science too. They have zero credibility

Delusions of Grandeur said...

A brilliant example of astoundingly bad judgement. I'd be intrigued to know if they had an agency create this for them and if so which one.

Will said...

Duncan: "clearly it's not advocating any such action. [murdering children]"

Were we watching the same video? It depicted people talking about the 10:10 message, then blowing up those who disagreed.

I'm sure the people who made it did so with their tongue firmly in cheek, but they don't make that explicit at all.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

If Mr Dale will permit:

Since 'environmentalism' is now akin to religion and recognised as such in law, is this video not a form of terrorism?

Bill Quango MP said...

Duncan, you can't see anything wrong with the advert?
Seriously, you think its fine because
no one says anyone should be killed, they just heavily imply it that makes it all OK.

In Psycho you never see the knife enter the body of Janet Leigh.
I guess Anthony Perkins was just giving her a tickle...

Try this.
Boris Johnson walks across an east end estate and makes a speech at the end calling for more people to take time to clean up the rusty swings, and mow the lawn and 'all be in it together!'
He then asks 'if everyone is on board with the big society?'

The two hesitant kids are then told to stay behind while the others go off with mops and rakes etc, and then they are shot in the back of the head.

The film's tag line comes up with Boris' voice saying.."Are you now ready to join our Big Society?"

Happy with that?

DiscoveredJoys said...

That seemed like bullying to me. I hate bullies.

wild said...

Since concern about global warming has been enthusiastically adopted by Leftists, adverts that fantasise about the possibility of executing their opponents should not be such a surprise. Historically the Left has been little more than a religion of hate.

wild said...

Since concern about global warming has been enthusiastically adopted by Leftists, adverts that fantasise about the possibility of executing their opponents should not be such a surprise. Historically the Left has been little more than a religion of hate.

Smelly said...

Tasteless absolutely. But I did laugh, it's pretty tongue-in-cheek (it was made by Richard Curtis for God's sake). To suggest that the 10:10 group genuinely wants people who won't cut their emissions to be bloodily disposed of seems to be an interpretation which nicely suits a denier's agenda.

Dilettante said...

It was withdrawn from the website after "public outrage and disgust", according to Wikipedia.

Dino Fancellu said...

People are hopping mad over this, repulsed.

Jimmy said...

"Essentially it says that any child who doesn't take action to cut their own carbon emissions by 10% should be executed."

Yes that was in no way tongue in cheek but in fact literally what they wish to bring about.

Jesus wept.

Ed the Shred said...

The people behind this revolting video have now made made a half apology. In the apology they say:

Many people found the resulting film extremely funny, but unfortunately some didn't and we sincerely apologise to anybody we have offended.

I'm sure the exact opposite is true with most people finding the film revolting and only some finding it 'extremely funny'.

Also it is very telling that the people behind this revolting propaganda "won't be making any attempt to censor or remove other versions currently in circulation on the internet".

Tom Harris said...

What Duncan at 5.04 said.

tory boys never grow up said...

Tasteless and likely to be totally useless - would any waverer about the need to address climate change be convinced by this video. Most of the political parties realised a long time ago that floating voters are only usually convinced by positive campaigning.

tony said...

I am shocked. I expect someone is helping the police with their inquires as I type.

Moriarty said...

And Jimmy, you would, of course, be equally relaxed were it a Tory HQ video attempting to inculcate an agenda with which you are less sympathetic?

Thought not.

Jesus probably didn't weep. On the other hand, I am - at your idiocy.

happyuk said...


"To suggest that the 10:10 group genuinely wants people who won't cut their emissions to be bloodily disposed of seems to be an interpretation which nicely suits a denier's agenda."

It also happens to be true. That is your true colours. That video sums up the environmentalists view completely: annihilate dissent with zero respect for the individual..

I see that these people have pulled the video, not having the guts to stand by it.

happyuk said...


"To suggest that the 10:10 group genuinely wants people who won't cut their emissions to be bloodily disposed of seems to be an interpretation which nicely suits a denier's agenda."

It also happens to be true colours.

That video sums up the environmentalists view completely: annihilate dissent with zero respect for the individual.. They would like nothing better than to zap deniers into oblivion.

I see that these people have pulled the video, not having the guts to stand by it.

Daragh McDowell said...

Agreed with Duncan and Tom Harris. Unfortunately the DailyMailification of Britain continues apace on Iain Dale's blog. For the record, I don't think the ad was particularly effective or funny. But the fact remains that the ACTUAL effects of global warming are/will be increasingly catastrophic for human life - as 20 million Pakistanis found out this summer.

More to the point - the evidence for anthropogenic climate change is overwhelming. Those that continue to oppose action are, literally, putting the lives of their fellow citizens and indeed humanity in danger. Frankly Iain can do his Delingpole impression all he wants, but I'd rather be an 'eco-fascist' than some arsehole who declares global warming to be nonsense because he can't be bothered consuming less energy.

Ed the Shred said...

Actually, I'm not really sure why the carbon dioxide reduction freaks aren't turning their child execution strategies into something more productive (from their point of view).

An example might be to try and close down capitalist profit making entities that actively promote an increase in carbon dioxide emissions.

Anonymous said...

Jesus. H. Christ.

DespairingLiberal said...

It is bad, but it isn't an example of "climate change fascism", it's an example of slick advertising guys and Richard Curtis going much too far without apparently having sufficient capacity for self-reflection to realise it. Curtis is no fascist and it's actually quite offensive of you to call him that. But it is very, very unpleasant and he needs to publicly apologise for it.

One thing I would like to know on the Climate issue in the UK - why is Nigel Lawson now seen as a great expert on it? He isn't any kind of scientist. He did PPE at humanities-oriented Christ Church. His "charity", Global Warming Policy Foundation, operates from palatial offices in ritzy 1 Carlton Terrace, where the square footage rents are stratospheric and the neighbouring tenants are the likes of oil multinational HQs. All very mysterious, not least the lavish airtime given to his "views".

My word verification was "oleagene".

Dick Puddlecote said...

I love this video so much. It has put the enviro-nutter cause back by at least a year or two.

They even used the chiiildren, for crying out loud.

Is there ever a time when these arrogants sit round a table and talk about possible unintended consequences?

Jimmy said...


I thought Tory HQ was pretending to be on board with this stuff these days. Perhaps that was last week.

As for your hypothesis about a funny (intentionally that is) video emerging from Tory HQ, it seems pretty unlikely but I'm prepared to give it a fair shake were it ever to happen.

Prentiz said...

Don't feed the trolls. Some prat in a PR agency has dreamt this up with the intent of causing some outrage, ideally driving media coverage, so some smug moron can appear on broadcast media claiming ignoring climate change is the equivalent of murder really, or some similar nonsense. They want outrage to drive media. Best bet, don't link it, don't comment on it - ignore it. The worst thing is 9 chances out of 10 we paid for this somehow. Don't feed the troll, ignore them.

Matt said...

What Duncan at 5.04 said... was so moronic as to beggar belief.

Jimmy said...

"Some prat in a PR agency has dreamt this up with the intent of causing some outrage,"

The flaw with that plan of course is that it would require the right wing reaction to be dim, humourless and utterly predictable. What are the odds of that happening?

angry and despondent said...

The recent Bilderberger conference had an item about Global COOLING on their agenda for discussion.

I don't know what the result of their discussion was, but the fact it was on the agenda at all seems to indicate the so called international "great and the good" are becoming aware that the cause of AGW is losing its attraction.

Despairing Liberal - I haven't seen much airtime given to Nigel Lawson's views. Certainly the BBC won't report any views that don't conform to the so called scientific consensus. They openly admit that they only report one side of the argument and won't give airtime to the sceptics. By the way, the last government hired an ECONOMIST (can't remember his name at the moment) to write a report on the effects of socalled global warming. He produced a document full of exaggerations and speculative worst case scenarios and overnight he was considered an expert on the subject!

He's still referred to with some awe by BBC hacks like David Shukman on news reports on the subject even though the report has subsequently been criticised as alarmist by many climate experts.

The truth is because Nigel Lawson's views, however valid, don't conform to the current establishment orthodoxy of which you obviously adhere, he's ripe for vilification and abuse.

It's that kind of hostile reaction to sceptics by the AGW fanatics, instead of engaging in reasoned argument, that leads me to think the eco-warriors have something to fear when they are questioned

Lady Finchley said...

I hate climate change nazis so much - this video makes me want to blaze my lights all day and night, run the motor on my car all day and night and put their faces in a slop bucket.

Charles said...

@Daragh McDowell 10:49

- what evidence do you have that the Pakistani floods are caused by climate change. I suspect it was just an edge of the bell curve event

@Despairing Liberal 11.25

- He wrote a very interesting book on it. He never argues that climate change doesn't exist but rather that (a) the evidence that many people put forward is flawed/statistically dodgy and (b) that mitigation may be a more effective way to minimise the damage to humans than carbon reduction. That makes him the "acceptable face" of the opposition

DespairingLiberal said...

Prentiz - nice theory, but sadly not true - it was directed by Richard Curtis for straight-up climate change campaigners 10:10, who have apologised on their website.

It's all grist to the mill though of the heavily-funded denial industry, so it's a shame that things like this happen as they tend to obscure the actual facts. Outreach to "the masses" with slick ad-agency driven vids don't always work. Nothing really beats proper argument.

Led said...

"More to the point - the evidence for anthropogenic climate change is overwhelming. "

Technically the UN did not use the word "overwhelming" when they studied climate change. They used the words "very likely" and defined this as 90% certain.

There are definitely issues regarding overpopulation, overconsumption and resource scarcity, but CO2 is not the primary problem.

Southsea Expat said...

From the Guardian:

"Doing nothing about climate change is still a fairly common affliction, even in this day and age. What to do with those people, who are together threatening everybody's existence on this planet? Clearly we don't really think they should be blown up, that's just a joke for the mini-movie, but maybe a little amputating would be a good place to start?" jokes 10:10 founder and Age of Stupid film maker Franny Armstrong.

"We 'killed' five people to make No Pressure – a mere blip compared to the 300,000 real people who now die each year from climate change," she adds.

"What to do with those people" ... "a little amputation" ... "a mere blip" ... the real life Ms Armstrong is even more disturbing than her mini-movie.

Libertarian said...

@Despairing Liberal

Jesus christ man ( or woman) grow up and engage with the real world.

" The heavily funded denial industry" This is the single most crass and ignorant statement I've seen posted by an otherwise supposedly intelligent poster. Have you the remotest idea of how many hundreds of billions of tax dollars have been thrown at the Warmist brigade, have you any idea of the hundreds of millions of dollars donated to Greenpeace, WWF and other eco groups by Shell, BP and Mobil. Please don't just respond to this message with more nonsense. Go and do some proper research

Jimmy said...

So Greenpeace is funded by the oil companies?

Where on earth do you people find this drivel?

neil craig said...

It turns out it was produced by Richard Curtis (Blackadder) & the group's funding comes from Sony, O2 & Eaga ("UK's largest supplier of renewable energy").

All 4 fascists should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

However it isn't that far OTT for the eco movement - James Hansen is on record as saying sceptics should be imprisoned & George Moonbat as saying mobs should break into the offices of airline executives & lynch them. And Duncan here describes it as a "good video".

Very nasty & it shows these Nazis have no non-murderous argument.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus said "I see the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity now in ambitious environmentalism, not in communism" & I wish there were a single cabinet member who was not supporting these modern nazis.

Despairing Nazi I ask you to either apologise for your lie or provide some evidence that the "heavily funded denial industry" receives 1% as much money as the £10s of billions you eco-nazis have. If you possess the tiniest trace of honesty you will be able to do one or the other. Long experiencewith you memberw of a movement that has already murdered far more people than Hitler shows that almost nobody in it has that much honesty but we will see.

Moriarty said...


Don't worry about it. TCHQ are delighted with your output. Semi-literate and self regarding leftists are at a premium with the demise of the Miliband of Brothers.

DespairingLiberal said...

I'm not the one (neil craig) claiming that British officers routinely murdered people in Kosovo, or (libertarian) claiming that BP sponsor Greenpeace.

The barking level of some of the comments here is a nice illustration of the level of some of Iain Dale's readership. I would say it would be depressing for Iain to face this, but of course the Tories have long traded on the clueless, so I suppose it's all par for the course.

For those of you who in your deluded state think that the climate change campaigns are lavishly funded - I would invite you to visit Number 1, Carlton Terrace in London and check out the HQ of Nigel Lawson's climate "sceptic" pressure group. Only multi-millionaires in that neighbourhood.

plantman said...

I have just written (via "Write to Them - makes it quick and easy) to my MP.

Some of you may wish to do something similar.

I wrote

I have viewed the video "No Pressure" released by the 10:10 campaign,
which organisation is, I believe, supported by the Conservative Party.
In it children are executed in cold blood and graphic detail by their
teacher for the "crime" of not agreeing to badger their parents into
reducing "Carbon" (I think they mean CO2) emissions.

Apologists for the video claim it is "satire" although the view of
others can I think be accurately and chillingly sumised as "the end
justifies the means"

Personally I interpret "No Pressure" as a threat poorly camouflaged as
humour; with no message more subtle than "Agree with us and accept our
creed or Die", and as such utterly totalitarian in nature.

I believe this video was intended to be distributed to schools and
shown to children in an attempt to indoctrinate them, a scenario worthy
of George Orwell in "1984".

Will you please tell me:

Do you, personally, approve of the message in this video?

Have you supported the 10:10 campaign in the past, and if so do you
think you will continue to do so?

Have Conservative Party or taxpayers money and/or resources assisted
the creation of this video? if so will you support the severing of such
financial or other support and any other ties with the 10:10 campaign?

Matt said...

@ Despairing Liberal

It's all grist to the mill though of the heavily-funded denial industry

"Denial industry?"
"Heavily funded?"

Industry? And heavily-funded by whom?

DespairingLiberal said...

Matt, if you are in doubt, go to Google Streetview and put in "1 Carlton House Terrace, London". This is the HQ of the "Global Warming Policy Foundation" set up by Nigel Lawson. This is funded by the metal-mining and oil industries. I believe the security shoot on site.

neil craig said...

I see that Despairing Nazi (a typical representative of what the LibDems stand for) has both not even attempted to support his lies about the "denial industry" being "heavily funded" but also refused to retract it. More importantly, because he has previously proven himself to be wholly dishonest, is that not one of the, admiitedly few eco-fascists here have either. Further proof that these thieving "Green" parasites will tell absolutely any lie to promote their Nazi cause.

DespNazi attempts to muddy the waters by claiming I said "British officers routinely murdered people in Kosovo". Again he knows perfectly well that he is lying. What I said was that British appointed "POLICE", formerly the KLA rountinely murdered people & much worse, in Kosovo. Once again he has had repeated opportunities to dispute that factually & has never been able to do so, which does not prevent him supporting such obscenities. It is hardly surprising that people who have previously lied to support genocide, child rape & organlegging in the Nazi cause would now be lying to support child murder in the Green Nazi cause.

Once again I call on anybody reading this site who has any enthusiasm for the alarmist cause to dissociate themselves from those who find child murder "amusing" & presumably feel the same about genocide, child rape & the dissection of living humans.

Sean Haffey said...

So Sony, O2 and Eaga support 10:10?

OK, they're off my shopping list.

Anonymous said...

In the video my children would be among those blown up because we've been avoiding wasting energy (not just the stuff that 10:10 suggested) since before they were born so we don't have another 10% to cut ...

Jimmy said...

neil craig,

Nice job but remember the thing about spoofing nutters is not to overdo it.

angry and despondent said...

On a previous posting on this thread I mentioned an economist appointed by the Labour government to produce a report on climate change. Of course he produced a document strictly according to his political master's wishes.I now recall the name of this economist -Sir Nicholas Stern. The fact that he had no previous experience in climate science didn't stop the IPCC, the Labour government, the BBC,and all the other usual suspects from hailing his report and treating Stern as some sort of scientific expert.

I've no doubt "Despairing Liberal" views Stern's report as fervent Islamists worship the Koran.

Stern apparently only collated the views of "scientists" and adherents of the AGW persuasion. There is no evidence in the report that he studied the views of sceptical scientists.

As I have previously stated, many prestigious climate scientists have stated that Strn's report is alarmist and mentions only worst case scenarios.

One has to suspect a theory when so many of its most vociferous proponents have been found to have exaggerated or even used fraudulent findings and figures to bolster their assertions.

Remember the IPCC having to admit that some of their claims - melting Himalayan glaciers, rising sea levels, the planet choking to death on CO2 within 25 years, etc.?

Even the godfather of Global Warming, James Hansen has been caught out using fiddled stats. Twelvemonths ago he claimed that October 2009 was the hottest October ever recorded. He then had to re-jig his figures when it was found that as the October temperatures didn't fit his claims he added the temperatures of September and late August 2009.

And let's not forget the University of East Anglia e-mail scandal, despite the official whitewash later produced. I read the e-mails that were made public and their wording was pretty damning. If there wasn't a conspiracy to cover up inconvenient facts, then they gave a very good impression of one.

Still it seems that the maxim of Goebbels still holds true - "If you tell a big lie long enough, it becomes accepted as truth."

angry and despondent said...

Global Warming fascists always accuse sceptics of being in the pay of oil companies and big business.

The accusation could be turned against the AGW fascists.Who gives the scientists and organisations which push the Global Warming myth their research money? That's right, big business (companies which see profits to be made selling "green" technology on the back of government decree - EU lightbulb legislation is a prime example) and governments that have a agenda to push and need to have scientific backing. Pay enough money to research and you get the results you want. Look at Al Gore. Much of his fortune is tied up in companies that are trying to sell green technology, so he doesn't have a vested interest in pushing the climate change issue.

Friends of the Earth are part funded by The EU, so it's no surprise they'll push the climate change scam. None of the pressure groups are totally independent.

neil craig said...

Since Despairing Nazi still refuses either to withdraw his "heavily funded" lie or to provide evidence for it I have sent this email to the Green Party. We will see if his dishonesty is indeed mainstream eco-fascism.

An "environmentally concerned" individual has recently been on Iain Dale's site supporting the "amusing" green child murder video. He is claiming that the sceptics have been funded well in excess of the 10s of billions handed out by government to you alarmists. Obviously this individual is a wholly dishonest Nazi yet so far no other "environmentalist" has dissociated themselves from his lies.

This does not surprise me because I believe virtually the entire "Green" movement to corrupt, differing from previous Nazis in that you have less respect for human life & for the truth. However you are entitled to every opportunity to prove otherwise & you may wish to publicly dissociate yourself from such liars.