Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Top 100 People on the Right: 50-26

The Daily Telegraph publishes today numbers 50-26 in its Top 100 Influential People on the Right compiled by Brian Brivati and me with an expert panel.

Click HERE to see numbers 50-26

Today's installment includes Nick Boles, Tim Montgomerie, Damian Green, David Willetts and Andrew Lansley.


Libertarian said...

Damian Green ?????

Karl Marx is more right wing than Damian .

Peter said...

"compiled by I"?

Peter said...

"compiled by ... I"?

Anonymous said...

That'll be "... by Brian Brivati and me", not "... and I", for Gawd's sake. Tut tut. Whatever next: "... by me and Brian", "... by myself and Brian", "... by me and, like, Brian Brivati, know wha' I mean, bro, innit"?

Michael Heaver said...

Nick Boles seems like a very interesting type, one to watch I reckon. Potential boat rocker?