Monday, October 04, 2010

Podcast: 7 Days Show: Episode 43

The latest edition of the Seven Days Show is now online.

The latest Seven Days Show is now online, recorded here at Party Conference in Birmingham. In the show this week (episode 43) we have I partake in a little karaoke, before we talked about the IMF backing the stance the Government is taking on the deficit; what Ed Miliband's speech was like; whether Labour can really be tough on the Unions; was Ed Miliband asking the BBC not to strike an own goal; how important party conference is for the Tories; will the media be looking for criticism of the coalition; will Cameron’s speech as PM be as important as important as Ed Miliband’s; what the conference is like this year and whether conference itself should be scrapped; and finally what are the must go to events this year.

To listen to the podcast click HERE, or you can also subscribe to the show in the Tory Radio section in the podcast area of Itunes.

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