Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lapdancers in Cleverness Shocker

This month's Prospect Magazine informs us that one in four lapdancers has a degree.

I am not sure why anyone should be surprised at this.

Apropos of that, I remember an old FCS poster from the 1980s showing a scantily clad young woman with the slogan "At £80 an hour, it's not me who's being exploited". I think it was designed to wind up the feminists around university campuses, and it certainly did the trick.

Happy days. Caroline Flint was one of the feminists on my campus at UEA who we used to rather enjoy winding up. She wasn't quite the glamourpuss that she is today. But I suppose, as head of the 'Wimmins' Group', Chanel Number 5 was a bit out of the question. My main memory of Caroline at university was debating with her one evening at the student union the subject of taking VAT off tampons. To her absolute astonishment I agreed with her on the basis that there was nothing 'luxury' about tampons.

I am sure my chum Eric Pickles will enjoy his jousts with her, just as I did 25 years ago.


simon said...

About 40 per cent of school leavers go to university. Even allowing for the drop out rate at university, lap dancers seem to be well below the national average for their age cohort.

Libertarian said...

seeing as they give degrees away with packets of cereal these days it's hardly surprising is it.

I'm actually surprised that Flint is/was an ardent feminist. She doesn't strike me as particularly ardent about anything other than her own self importance. Still I guess she is no longer a token woman in the shadow cabinet in the way she claimed to be when Labour were in government or else her dedication to the cause would have prevented her from accepting the position surely.

Anonymous said...

I had a fantastic conversation about something highly intelligent with my last lapdancer. My attention was elsewhere, however, hence I can't recall the precise topic of the conversation now, but I was struck by her grasp on the subject ;-)

Mirtha Tidville said...

La Flint can pout and wiggle all she likes, but will be merely steamroller fodder to Big Eric methinks.

Glyn H said...

Suppose you never found out if the Thetford Forest soubriquet was justified?

Mark M said...

I agree with the poster. Some men are willing to part with loads of money to see a woman take her clothes off - so who's being exploited?

Yes, protect women from drugs - but in my experience, lots of strippers are just uni students making some extra money. All credit to them.