Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Walaa Idris sums up Cameron's speech perfectly.
2. Rhys Morgan-Jones thinks 10:10 could spend their money on better things.
3. Toby Young is amused at left wing schmoozing.
4. Ellee Seymour isn't happy that the missing people agency is being axed.
5. Mark Wallace wants to scrap middle class child benefit.
6. Liam Rhodes analyses the drop in tory membership.
7. John McTernan ridicules an elected Shadow Cabinet.
8. Peter Hoskin explains how Cameron and Simon Cowell are connected.
9. Guido admires the fine poetry of Chris Bryant.
10. Paul Goodman takes a look at Theresa May's speech.
11. Dilenttante writes an open letter to Nick Bourne on the Welsh Language.
12. Fraser Nelson thinks the battle is on for the working class.

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javelin said...

It's time to pit interest rates up to turn us from spenders to savers. If we do not money will keep flowing to China and our debts will go up. In a big society people save.