Monday, October 11, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1) Platform 10 on how to win the "squeezed middle".
2) Peter Hitchens vists the world's biggest prison camp.
3) Ed Jacobs reveals Alex Salmond's "explosive rages".
4) Peter Bingle is impressed by the new generation.
5) Dylan Jones-Evans looks forward to the two reviews.
6) Charles Crawford wants the government to start treating people like grown-ups.
7) Welsh Ramblings is disappointed with Peter Hain's bounce back.
8) Patrick Corrigan reports that torture hasn't gone away.
9) Nadine Dorries' inspiration isn't Margaret Thatcher.
10) Nile Gardiner thinks Obama will restand in 2012.
11) Harry Benson says "Life isn't fair".
12) Adrian Michaels is worried about Pakistani truffles.


Jimmy said...

"Nadine Dorries' inspiration isn't Margaret Thatcher."

Is it Marie Antoinette?

allnottinghambasearebelongtous said...

Dorries is about as far from Eleanor Rathbone as it's possible to get.

Quite how anybody thinks she would approve of huge cuts to benefits is anybody's guess.

Mad Nad's delusion continues.