Friday, October 08, 2010

The New Shadow Cabinet

Alan Johnson - Shadow Chancellor
Yvette Cooper - Shadow Foreign Secretary
Ed Balls - Shadow Home Secretary
Andy Burnham - Shadow Education Secretary
Sadiq Khan - Shadow Justice Secretary
Harriet Harman - Shadow International Development Secretary

Angela Eagle - Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury
Douglas Alexander - Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary
Jim Murphy - Shadow Defence Secretary
John Denham - Shadow Business Secretary
John Healey - Shadow Health Secretary
Caroline Flint - Shadow Communities Secretary
Rosie Winterton - Chief Whip
Meg Hillier - Shadow Energy Secretary
Maria Eagle - Shadow Transport Secretary
Hilary Benn - Shadow Leader of the House of Commons
Mary Creagh - Shadow Environment Secretary
Ivan Lewis - Shadow Culture, Media and Sports Secretary
Peter Hain - Shadow Welsh Secretary
Ann McKechin - Shadow Scottish Secretary
Shaun Woodward - Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary
Tessa Jowell - Shadow Olympics Minister
Liam Byrne - Shadow Cabinet Officer Minister


Michael Heaver said...

Wow, the power of the internet has just given me a fantastic payout...

NameHere said...

They still don't take defence seriously, do they?

D. Bum said...

Sadiq Khan at justice made my foul myself.

Chekov said...

Woodward and Hain stay. Dear God.

Cynic said...

Ha...Postman Pat is now running the savings bank after his friend Mr Broon ran it into the ground and eloped having spent all of Greendale Residents Savings on projects like huge pay rises for Doctor Gilbertson and PC Shelby and subsidies for the Greendale Rocket.

There was also the unfortunate matter of the Compensation to be paid for the deaths in the Pencaster Flyer disaster and the sad loss of Postman Pat's only son fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Still with the help of loyal Jess no doubt Pat will ensure that the evil Mr Osbourne at Savings Bank Head Office is held to account..... oh yes Jess.

Cynic said...

Ha ...Woodward is back to shadow Owen Paterson.

I am sure that Owen will find this terribly challenging. When the blessed Woodward was Secretary of State he was rarely seen near the place so I am sure he will be very active in opposition. But isn't it a shame that all his back-room work has come to this. Clearly his pal Gordon wouldn't even give him the Lords

Anonymous said...

Hardly NEW, most of the usual suspects present. Will they hang their heads in collective shame. No, they don't have a single conscience amongst them.

Mirtha Tidville said...

Well so much for the new generation eh.....A shed load of them voted for the Iraq war hope they all get asked if they agree with the views of the new boss then...Hypocrites the lot of em..

Peter said...

Alan Johnson as Shadow Chancellor?
He hardly shone as a Minister did he - a very strange appointment.

Overtiredandemotional said...

I have been quite fed up this week, but at least this list would put a smile on anyone's face.

Dick the Prick said...

It makes you realize hwat a cabal they are. It's a union team.

Don't mean to sound rude but i'm not sure what difference it makes. It would be beneficial if Labour were on top of their game because there's shed loads of crap to clear. At present, it looks like a team of has beens and opportunists - good.

Their unions believe they're off the leash because it's game on with both us & the Libs; fair play - can't argue with that logic. However, I think public disenchantment with their bleeting may be their cumuppence. Maybe not.

It's better to have the fight now anyway - couldn't give a monkeys if Warren Buffet was sat there. One has to ask, if Alan Johnson is sooo highly regarded, why no contende hombre? Why he no contend? He had time, he had ability and backing!

Anyway, am quite looking forward to their gibberish; keeps me giggling through winter.

Loki said...

I'm thoroughly confused. What happened to yesterdays welcome news that Hain and Woodward had failed to get elected to the Shadow Cabinet? How can they then be appointed the very next day? Can someone explain this to me?

Norton Folgate said...

The expenses fiddling crook with heavy links to extremist islam Sadiq Khan as justice secretary ???

Thats about ironic enough to cause irony to implode, collapse under it's own irony gravity and cause an irony black hole.

Just so long as they tick the muslim box and secure those muslim votes, thats all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Johnson was asked 'Isn't it a handicap not to have any economic experience when you are shadow chancellor'. NO came the answer 'look at Gordon Brown he did not have any economic experience either'. Never a truer word spoken.

Cynic said...

New generation my ass

Cynic said...

The peoples flag
Is deepest pink
Its not red, Ed
Wants you to think

He says his party
He'll renew
But bruvvers
In the unions shoe

So now for Chancellor
Its Postman Pat
With little more sense
Than his Cat

To shadow Hague,
Yvette will try
While Ed in Home
Plots his next try

And others scheme
And bend and twist
To avoid blame
For all of this

Oh yes, Red Ed
Will cry anew
This is a Labour
Team reviewed

But us voters
Looking at them see
Old faces, vacant
Ideas free

And when we come
Our X to mark
We'll send Red Ed
a note to hark

We've had enough
Its time to go
Its Cameron/ Clegg for us today
In coalition harmony

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight Labour have appointed a man born is South Africa as Shadow Welsh Secretary. Have they come to this?

The question is who is now going to run Labours economic policy? Johnson? Don't make me laugh. He is just the happy chappy front man and would be too old in 2015 anyway.

The other question is - will Johnson now list the cuts labour would implement to meet their £44 billion worth of budget cuts.

Ian said...

What a strange selection! I guess this a product of a trully bizarre process of electing a shadow cabinet and making MPs vote for at least six MPs.

Cooper only topped the poll as she was the only trully credible and talented female candidate. MPs had to vote for six females out of only 14 females. Taking out Cooper, it leaves the other females with a 40% chance of getting a vote.

Why would Labour MPs want this system?! Talented people such as Stephen Twigg are looked over and instead they are left with the Eagle twins and Ann McKechin.

It is also interesting to see that Balls - although coming third - only had the backing of 70% of Labour MPs. Benn, Khan and Byrne (and five others) received the backing of less than 50% of MPs.