Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Archers & Politics

As part of The Archers 60th anniversary celebrations the BBC is planning a radio programme to reflect the relationship between life in Ambridge and the wider political world. Do you have a secret, or not-so-secret passion for the nation's longest-running soap. Do you follow the business of the parish council, the furores over GM crops or anaerobic digesters?

Do you remember fondly the days when Shula was a scion of the Young Conservatives, and Mike Tucker a fiery trades union activist? If you feel you may have something to contribute with regard to The Politics of Ambridge, then the producer, John Beesley would be delighted to hear from you. He can be contacted by email. The address is


Johnny Norfolk said...

Its as much like real life in the country as farming on the moon.Very poor programme.

Not a sheep said...

The Archers is not a drama but a documentary - - "The Archers areal - there is no cast"