Monday, February 01, 2010


Danny Finkelstein is being a tease. This is what he wrote earlier.

The usually sage James Forsyth covers Peter Mandelson's press conference and provides the following judgment:

One thing that was noticeable about Mandleson today is just how much he is enjoying himself at the moment.

Given all that I have heard, I would be surprised if that were indeed the case.

Come on Danny. Spill.


Daily Referendum said...

Apparently Mandy's pants are on fire.

The Grim Reaper said...

Come to think of it, Mandy does seem even more pleased with himself than usual right now.

Aside from the Tories making his job ridiculously easy, I'm sure that he's deriving a lot of pleasure from the gossip about Brown's violent rages that's doing the rounds. I wonder where Rawnsley got the information from...

tapestry said...

'given all that I've heard'.

Who's the one being cryptic?

Red Rag said...

Wonder if he has just heard the Com Res opinion poll? 7 and falling.

Bird said...

So what is the Fink on about?