Monday, February 01, 2010

Quote of the Day: Liam Byrne's £57bn of Cuts

“There’s about £57 billion worth of hard decisions

that will have to be taken”

Liam Byrne on 'PM'

Translated into English: “We will have to cut £57 billion from public spending”

Hattip: Nick Thornsby


Robin Ashby said...

I wonder for how long the British people will remain sold on the Tories' hair shirt....

Anonymous said...

Labour lying again, the cuts will have to be a bloody site bigger than that.

Anonymous said...

Robin Ashby, vote Labour and you'll long for the "good old days", when you HAD a shirt on your back.

The Captain said...

I wonder if Mr. Dale would like to comment on David Cameron's recent gaffe to declare that there will not be any swingeing cuts in the immedaite aftermath of an election victory for his party.

I find it astonishing that from a perceieved position of strength, Cameron has decided to pander to the Government's position, despite immediate and deep cuts having widespread support and it being widely recognised as the correct course of action in order for the government's financial credibility to begin to recover.

I find this an astonishing display of weakness and lack of conviction on Cameron's part and makes me begin to entertain grave doubts about his ability, bravery and foresight to tackle this country's eye-watering debt which, in real terms in a worst case scenario, could be as bad as that of the USA.