Monday, February 01, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Mark Pack has a nice graph depicting the number of female council candidates.
2. Nadine v Bercow. Seconds out, Round 46.
3. Blue Blog on the release of Margaret Thatcher's 1979 papers.
4. Walaa Idris says there's more to her than being black.
5. Danny Finkelstein agrees with Stan Collymore shocker.
6. Antony Little highlights the only LibDem in Broadland.
7. SNP Tactical Voting highlights the Scottish Labour MPs who are dropping like flies.
8. Andrew Sparrow on the disgraceful comments of the Chairwoman of the Electoral Commission on Friday counts.
9. Alex Smith on the two types of web: communication and organisation.
10. Paul Waugh on the defence chiefs who nearly quit over Gordon Brown.
11. Jon Craig feels a twang of guilt over Mo Mowlam.
12. John Redwood on who will have to pay Gordon's debts. That'll be you and I then.


Anonymous said...

John Redwood on who will have to pay Gordon's debts is worth a read - It puzzles me that the media seem to gloss over what Gordon Brown has done to the country.

It seems to be all one big game for the media - hope for them and us they dont enable Gordon to gerrymander/rigg or steal the result by giving Brown far more positive coverage than John Major ever got in the time upto 1997 - lets remember Major turned the economy around whereas Brown has screwed it up!!!

R Nosgrove said...


This one also deserves wider publicity:

darkwater said...

hate to be pedantic but, "that will be you and ME paying off Gordon Brown's debt".

You wouldn't say "that will be I paying off Gordon Brown's debt"