Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mail Apologises Over A Case of Two DDs

The other day I pointed out a rather glaring mistake in the Ephraim Hardcastle column of the Daily Mail. Today an apology has been forthcoming.

"David Davis who is addressing the Libertarian Alliance in October, as I thought last week, but the LA's 'northern affairs director', David Davis, a different kettle of fish altogether. My apologies to both DDs. The Libertarian Alliance says: 'Though we would be very cautious about accepting any other Conservative MP to our conference  -  where children and the easily-alarmed will be present  -  we would be delighted to welcome David Davis MP and would give him a seat of honour at the Saturday Banquet.' "

How nice.
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True Belle said...

Did you feel any earth tremors last night ?


The only tremors we have here are political!

Chris Paul said...

Are they responsible for the incoherence or your Blackberry?

Anonymous said...

Who's this Roy Liddle the LibDems are following?