Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sir George Young's Uses Up His Third Life

Nick Robinson has announced on the Today Programme that Sir George Young is to replace Alan Duncan as Shadow Leader of the House, a job he did in government under John Major. It's not every politician who experiences a double reincarnation. He will do the job well, but no doubt come under fire for being an Old Etonian. However, his charm will overcome that particular hurdle. His appointment does signal a leftward shift in the dynamics of the Shadow Cabinet, though, which some on the right will feel uncomfortable about.


Bob Melton said...

"a job he did in Government under John Major."

Er, no. A job he did in Opposition under William Hague.

Anonymous said...

Just a correction!
Sir George wasn't Leader of the House under Major - Tony Newton did that up to 1997. Sir George was Transport Secretary 1995-7. He was shadow Leader of the House before standing down to stand as Speaker (when Michael Martin was elected).

Anonymous said...

Etonian yes but not Bullingdon so a bit below the salt.Good left winger should do well.

Unsworth said...

And of course he'll have learned from his previous experience. Maybe this is a sign that Cameron is beginning to pull in those with real ability and knowledge/experience. So, which others will he be placing - and where?

Sean Haffey said...

I've met him briefly at NE Hants conservative meetings a couple of times. He comes across with quiet courtesy and is hard not to like.

However, I wonder whether that deep-seated courtesy is supported by the iron will that is necessary for his new role? (It may be: I simply don't know.)

In any event, it's a pleasure to see a true gentleman in politics.

Anonymous said...

It appears just about everyone has good words to say about Sir George Young. Clever David Cameron.

Dual Citizen said...

I've met Sir George a couple of times socially (non political) when he was a minister under John Major, and he's a thoroughly decent man. I'm pleased he still has the hunger and commitment to front line politics. He'll run rings around Harriet!

Btw - he's been blogging since 1997; before it was called blogging!

Jabba the Cat said...

He wouldn't be the same George Young who had some bother with his expenses recently would he? Nah, couldn't be!

Uncle Bob said...

A very good appointment. He has a lot of experience and also being chair of the standards and priviledges committee will make sure he hits the ground running on his brief. He may be an old etonian but the recent speaker election shows that he did have respect from the house as a whole. Plus along with Clarke and Hague it means Cameron has another experienced voice when it comes to running the wheels of government.

I don't think it's the end of Alan Duncan, he'll come back eventually and will probably learn to think a bit more before he speaks.

Mog said...

I apologise to Dave. I screamed that he was sure to appoint a woman. Yet he appointed a member of that opressed minority, the white middle aged male.

Well done Dave.

Anonymous said...

LoL @ Mog. Good point!!!!!

Well said. :)

Anonymous said...

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