Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tickets for the Tory Conference Pride Party - Book Now!

If you are attending the Tory conference and fancy a night out in Canal Street at the Conference Pride Party, I hope to see you there. Tickets are £15 and can be ordered HERE.

CF have a Facebook page for the event HERE.


Rebel Saint said...

Canal Street. Do local pranksters still remove the 'C' and the 'S' from the street signs as they did in years gone by?

Arthur Rusdell-Wilson said...

And I thought it was Proud to be a Tory, but it's only the usual Proud to be a Poof.

Dick the Prick said...

Think i'll be hammered by then - well, hopefully anywho. It's all meetings and booze - terrible chore, terrible hic hic!

Blue Eyes said...

I like the rainbow version of the logo. If the colours were mushed up a bit more it could replace the official party logo and describe the muddled thinking going on at HQ.

Mark M said...

While I appreciate the sentiment of the party do you not feel that, as it is pro-gay, this kind of event undoes equality? Or, to put it another way, how would you react to a 'straight pride' party?

Still, I would be tempted to come along for a good ol' party but as a person with a real job I am in work on Wednesday :)

J H Holloway said...

Carnal Street, schurely?

Inspector Morse said...

I was already getting fed up with the increasing emphasis on your blog, Iain, about the gay agenda.

Now I declare I've had enough. If I wanted to read a blog about gays, I'd subscribe to one. I subscribe to your diary because I want a Tory government, and want to know about the Westminster Village.

You already have another blog (Alf Garnet's team), so why not start a third called Rainbow Tories, and set us heterosexual readers free from such propaganda?

It's called market segmentation.

Having said all of that, if I was in the area, I would drop by. I am certain that you'd enjoy my company ;-)

Anonymous said...

Someone's thrown paint over the pissing elephant !!

Anonymous said...

The sight of the Tories trying to scrabble for the gay vote is rather hilarious..

It is a bit like watching Microsoft trying to get the cool yoof to buy the 'Zune'..

Or like the middle aged balding guy trying to induce the young babe to come back for a coffee 'in his Porsche..'

It is a nice idea, but the product is never going to be able to match the marketing somehow...

Cockroach said...

Many years ago my mother was visiting from the countryside and we were in Machester's ChinaTown which is just across from the Gay Village, so I took her for a walk on a balmy August night down Canal St. to see some of the "locals".

I told her to be discreet but I might as well have equipped her with a 10 foot luminous pointer as she experienced sights never seen in the "Back of Beyond". "Oh my God", she exclaimed in a voice that could be heard in Liverpool, Newcastle and London, "That's a man in a dress!!! Look at those women kissing!!!! Oh my God - look what they're doing...."

I think they still have "Wanted" posters with her photo on it stuck to lampposts. I still stay away in case I get retrospectively arrested for allowing her to cause a disturbance of the peace; after all , I took her there!

Simon Gardner said...

So the Irish are to vote again on Lisbon on October 2. {ragged cheer}

CCHQ Staffer said...

The event is aimed at celebrating and supporting diversity and is open to everyone, regardless of their sexuality. It is to show and reinforce that the Conservative Party are inclusive and no longer, as explained by Mr Cameron, living in the past. We have other events at conference for example a Christian church service and a range of fringe events. It is supposed to give people choosing to do so the chance to enjoy a night out, raise money and experience a venue that is part of Manchester's World-famous Gay Village, nothing sinister.

Anonymous said...

Will the general public be allowed entry to this event or is it a restricted event similar to Leominster Conservative's recent public 'open to all' meeting with Bill Wiggins?

Iain Dale said...

Inspector Morse, I don't write a blog with a gay agenda. But if you don't like what I am writing then the beauty of the blogosphere is that there are plenty of other blogs to choose from!

Anonymous said...

"I want to take you to a gay bar, gay bar..."

Inspector Morse said...


You do have a gay agenda, and that's a fact.

I thank you for your patronising comment that there are other blogs, and I do subscribe to them.

All I am asking is that is that you segregate your passions:

1. Conservatives
2. West Ham
3. Gays

You do not post West Ham news on IDD. Please do the same with rainbow stuff relevant to <15% of readers. Or are we now in a Dale autocracy?

I dare you to do a SurveyMonkey poll:

"Do you want me to keep posting gay topics on this blog?"

I sincerely promise you that I am not illegal (i.e. homophobic) but I do like to keep on topic.

Do the survey, and if the majority vote in your favour, I will contibute £100 to your nominated charity. If you lose, you do the same for mine.

Can I say fairer than that?

haddock said...

I notice that these poof-fests are now renamed.
Now that gays have taken over the word gay, are they now attempting to annexe 'Pride' as their own ?

New Tory said...

This event is located outside the secure zone and open to all comers

Uncle Bob said...

Inspector Morse. It's a conservative event. I'm sure he's been asked to publicise it by the organisers as they know a lot of people read this blog. There's no need to get your nose out of joint. And sice it's his blog, surely Iain can decide what he posts on here. I don't think it's some secretive gay cabal plotting to take over the country.

Iain Dale said...

I don't have a 'gay' agenda. I do have an agenda to promote an event I am co-hosting. And I do have an agenda to criticise Labour politicians when they accuse the Tory Party of inbuilt homophobia. It's called political debate.

Your suggestion that my interest in gay issues is like my interest in West Ham is risible! I have absolutely no interest in writing about gay issues continuously, and I only write about them here if there is some sort of relevance. I did actually write about gay footie fans on my West ham blog once. I am glad to say the tone of the debate on that blog was far higher than it is here.

I have just done a search. Since I started this blog I have writte 8,950 blogposts. The word 'gay' is mentioned in 154 of them and the word 'homosexual' is mentioned in 43. Hardly an obsession, is it?

But even if I did have a gay agenda, frankly, its my blog and I'll write about what I like!

I'm not going to take you up on your bet. I'm pretty confident I'd win it but it's not really an appropriate thing to do. Loads of my Labour readers would no doubt vote in order to prove the Tories were homophobic so I consider it more trouble than it is worth I am afraid.

Plato said...

Inspector Morse - as you don't have any posts on your blog, you're hardly in a position in complain about what Iain writes on his.

DominicJ said...

God I hate Spirit

Inspector Morse said...


The only reason I have a blog is that Iain insisted upon it in order to post a comment a while ago.


I genuinely like most of your posts.

I genuinely dislike yours stance on this issue. On which note ...

Voltaire: I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.

Let's agree to differ.

Jimmy said...

In spite of Iain's valiant efforts to persuade us that his party his changed, the comments section can be relied upon to show what the grassroots really think.

Uncle Bob said...

Anonymous at 5:42, grow up. The event has nothing to do with peoples foibles and everything to do with gay people feeling accepted and welcome in the party, somethimg that regrettably wasn't the case in the past. And plus the comedy factor of watching Eric Pickles dancing to Abba.

These anonymous posters are annoying. At least when despairing liberal talks bollocks he'll let everyone know it's him. What is the point in these (predominantly leftie, though some are just been pricks for the sake of it) wind up merchants? I don't feel the need to go on Labourlist and stir the pot or try and wind up Hopi Sen's readership. It's quite sad really.

Ben said...


Just because one fool expresses such homophobic views it does not mean he represents the grassroots of the Tory party. He certainly doesn't speak for me!

Seeing as the Labour party grassroots are so completely absent of such abhorrent views perhaps you should take your fake disgust to a few working mens clubs (the so so called labour grassroots), and see how long you last in such a 'gay friendly' environment without hearing inspector morses sentiments repeated. Over and over again....

JPT said...

No ta.

Chris said...

Funky House and Pop Floors.


RobertEve said...

Do me a favour!

T England said...

Why are you making excuses?
Why are you explaining yourself?
Like you said “it’s your blog”.

If you started to have pictures of topless men appearing on your blog without some equivalent women accompanying them then I may become uncomfortable reading through your interesting blog.
If you had endless ways to have gay sex appearing on your blog & those postings got in the way of me reading your interesting blog I’d be pissed off!
If when arriving on your blog I had a pop up for poppers appear & such like!!! I may even complain, after reading your interesting blog.

Let me be straight with you here :o)
I personally don’t believe any amount of promoting could turn a straight man gay so I don’t see why there could be a problem with someone telling the world what way they like to have sex, I have to admit to having a problem seeing two men being intimate but it’s the same sort of affect that I get when I see a man & woman kissing, which is, get a room!

Now! About these topless pictures………….

idle said...

I would no more attend a Tory Gay Pride night than a Tory Married Couples evening, or a Tory Chastity evening.

Joe Public said...

Is there a "Proud to be Heterosexual" party as well?

CCHQ Staffer said...

The event is open to all of Manchester and indeed the UK, as are other events at conference which fall outside the security cordon:

Monday 5th October
6pm at the Palace Hotel - Pub Quiz
Sponsored by the British Association of Beer and Pubs
Hosted by Eric Pickles MP with political and celebrity quizmasters
Tickets include a hog roast

6.30pm at Harvey Nichols, Manchester
Retail Reception in association with the British Retail Consortium
Lead Shadow Cabinet speaker and retail CEO will talk about the way forward for the retail industry followed by a networking event for retailers from across the UK

Wednesday 7th October
9.30pm at Pure Nightclub
'Party for Change' Last night party
(CF reception and Torybear reception kick off at 7.30pm)
Roller disco, live bands, Xbox Room by Microsoft and Celebrity DJ event

All events can be booked via

All events are ticket only with prices from £5

We are promoting the events to over 400,000 people in Manchester and the NW alongside the delegates and other party supporters. The idea behind some party hosted events is to provide a wider range of delegates and others with access to conference.

Andrew Barrett said...

"and Celebrity DJ event"

Please be Zane Lowe!

Jimmy said...


It's more amusement than disgust I assure you. Perhaps you have more experience of working mens' clubs than I do but I can honestly say that in 20 years in the party I've never heard anything of the sort.

Bev said...

While I appreciate the Conservative Party is reaching out I do disagree with a venue aimed at a particular audience.
I believe this will be a waste of money and what the party needs to do is focusing on connecting with the wider public instead of focusing on sexuality.

On a further point, Iain I disagree with your earlier comments.
"Inspector Morse, I don't write a blog with a gay agenda." 4:29 pm.
Your blog is the promotion of a gay agenda but in the respect of equality and diversity. However there seems to be a trend this past week and would like to read more about hard hitting issues such as the G8 summit etc. I think these issues need to be the focus of discussion and debate.

Uncle Bob said...

Jimmy, most working mens clubs are stuck in a 30 year timewarp. I know, I play them often with my band. The predominant attitude is no blacks, no poofs and no women in the bar. Though to be fair, some of these people aren't your core vote any more. They are the ones who left you for the BNP.

Conservative to the Core said...

@ Arthur Rusdell-Wilson said...
"And I thought it was Proud to be a Tory, but it's only the usual Proud to be a Poof."

I am offended by the bigotry of this author to make such blatant homophobic remarks.

Jimmy said...

Uncle Bob,

The people you describe were never Labour voters.

Anonymous said...

you older gays did go through a lot and did much to advance "acceptability" for gay people, but things have changed now and we don't have to rub sexuality into people's faces- how would you feel if people organised a 'hetrosexual' pride party?? .

What we really want to know is how to get rid of this terrible govt- sexuality doesn't count anymore, it is 'so what' now .

Although it is of course your blog and space so you can say what you like !!

Tachybaptus said...

To New Yorkers, 'Canal Street' has strictly heterosexual implications.

Anonymous said...

Usually, the C in Canal Street is painted out!

Red Rag said...

Considering your parties historic homophobia, and you only have to read what the real Conservative grass roots supporters think on this and other blogs about homosexuals, wether Cameron means it or not, he is pissing in the wind. The majority of his party smile when he says his party is inclusive, knowing that it isn't and never will be.Taking into consideration your party is about as polular as a fart in a lift amongst the gay community, especially as Cameron is all lovey Dover with The Polish Law and Order Party..see Gay UK news...

You might end up attending on your own and be able to say "I'm the only Tory Gay in the village".

Not red rag said...

Red rag

If you really believed in gay rights, rather than making childish political points you would be wishing iain well.

bladerunner86 said...

@Anonymous said...
you older gays did go through a lot and did much to advance "acceptability" for gay people, but things have changed now and we don't have to rub sexuality into people's faces- how would you feel if people organised a 'hetrosexual' pride party?? ."
I totally agree with the comments above. Should sexuality come into it Iain? Do we need to be constantly reminded about sexuality? To be honest I don't go banging on about my sexual orientation because its not relevant to politics or to anyone else frankly. Its my own business.
Talking about homosexuality is becoming a trend on your blog and quite frankly its getting pretty boring.

One simple suggestion - grow up and talk about real politics for a change.

You have not once mentioned anything about the economy & G8 summit in Italy. Perhaps that could be the next thing you should write about.

Red Rag said...

Or as the article put it "The proposed new alliance between our elected Tory MEPS and far right Poland’s homophobic Law and Justice Party (PiS) calls into question David Cameron’s so-called conversion to progressive Conservatism. Jewish, gay and women voters will all be appalled to see the Tories planning to work with such a bigoted party."

Rave on!

Anal Tear said...

Talking about homosexuality is becoming a trend on your blog Iain.
Do you think children should also attend? Or would that be indecent?

Red Rag said...

Not Red Rag - It is not a childish point score, it is reality. Look at the responses of the people on this blog. Cameron can stand up in front of any gay march or meeting and say his party has changed, but he would be lying. Actions speak louder than words and getting together with the Law and Order Party showed more about the real state of the Tory Party than some spinned up photo shoot with some mealy mouthed words.

I do feel sorry for Mr Dale, he must be very lonely as he is in a small minority in what is, when you rub away all the spin, a
homophobic party and he will need more than best wishes to turn that around.

red rag my arse said...

I'm more worried about the fact its 15 quid - this is a credit crisis afterall !

The Grim Reaper said...

I'm a straight man and I've enjoyed many a good night out at Canal Street when I visit Manchester. Good choice.

Any chance of a bit of drunken blogging from these parties, Iain? ;-)

DominicJ said...

"Do you think children should also attend? Or would that be indecent?"

Considering its in a night club, I'd say they should be left at home...

CCHQ Staffer said...

In accordance with licensing legislation for premises serving alcohol all the events mentioned in my previous post are only open to over 18 year old guests.

The £15 includes a donation to Manchester Pride, welcome cocktails and entry to the prize draw to win some great prizes from businesses around Manchester . Drinks are at promotional prices and there will be special offers on the night.

Spirit is also being refurbished in the late Summer and will have a fresh new look.

bladerunner86 said...

"I like having a butt f*** in the arse dripping with my own shit."
The intellectual quality of this post has gone down somewhat.

Perhaps this reflects the type of attention your blog is receiving Iain.
Have you taken on board any of my own suggestions?

DominicJ said...

"Spirit is also being refurbished in the late Summer and will have a fresh new look."

My hatred of the place is mostly irrational.
Its probably entirely irrational actualy.

Sarah said...

Talking about homosexuality Iain is becoming a trend. My simple advice - GROW UP!

Craig Ranapia said...

Talking about homosexuality Iain is becoming a trend. My simple advice - GROW UP!

Sarah: I'm sure Iain is "grown up" enough that he saves his breath to cool his porridge, rather than bleating about straight Tory bloggers shoving their heterosexual agenda and freaky lifestyle down his throat.

Craig Ranapia said...

Sorry, Sarah -- just noticed that you were critically quoting Anal Tear's asinine comment, not making it yourself. Please accept my apologies for the misattribution.

bladerunner86 said...

It is so sad Iain has to put comment moderation up because some sad person has posted disgusting homophobic comments on the post.

Although I disagree with Iain at times I do not condone what the anonymous posters have done.
Disgusting Homophobia.

Why would someone in their right mind put their name as "Anal Tear" without the intention of being homophobic? - disgusting if you ask me. They should all grow up

You have my support Iain in the actions you are taking.

Sarah said...

@ Craig Ranapia said...
"Sorry, Sarah -- just noticed that you were critically quoting Anal Tear's asinine comment, not making it yourself. Please accept my apologies for the misattribution."

Apologies accepted Craig.

Iain don't let the homophobic bullies get you down. They are sad and need to get a life. Your blog is amazing.

Anonymous said...

In the interests of balance will there be a party for unreconstructed reactionary bigots?

Because by the sounds of things you'll need a considerably larger venue.

Anonymous said...

CCHQ Staffer and Iain. Can't say this is particularly my bag - but good luck with it anyway, and I hope you have fun.

As for me, I'm looking forward to the Eric Pickles hosted Beer fest!

Cuddles said...

This Tory gay pride event is a waste of time and money.
Just for the record it has nothing to do with homophobia because I am myself bisexual.

Jimmy said...

"In the interests of balance will there be a party for unreconstructed reactionary bigots?"

Did you miss the bit about the Tory Conference being held nearby?