Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ten New Blogs: Part 50

Soul Politics - Left wing
Left Side of Liberal
Order Order Moral Order
Libertarian Left
Left Outside
SG - Classical liberal
Dry Rose Petals - Labour
Move Like a Jellyfish
Red Rag
Cllr Richard Lowe - Conservative Councillor in Cheshire

These blogs aren't necessarily newly created, but I haven't known about them before and they had not, until now, appeared in the TP Blog Directory.

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Prodicus said...

Red Rag is exactly as advertised: mendacity and bitterness driven by the tiresome and counter-productive class-hatred reflex and let's not spoil a good Labour rant with grown-up politics.

It seems the blogger(s) at Red Rag received his/her/their/its 'education' at the hands of the Labour 'government' with the usual disastrous results: taste and discrimination at the level of the least appetising of Jeremy Kyle's exhibits and a facility with English to match.

Are these bloggers 'government' advisers, do you suppose? To the Department of Balls, perhaps? Just imagine having such people in control of, say, the education of young minds. Oh, wait...

Reading such bile is all the evidence one needs to conclude that his/her/their/its 'comrades' are unfit for public office and must never, ever be allowed to govern again.

Mind you, I bet Gordon -- sorry, Balls -- tsk, no, Draper -- no, McBride -- oh, what the... the whole nasty Brown Bunker crew loves it. They do a nice line in hatred, if not in government. Thinks... 'deniability'...

WV 'prose' (had to happen some time)

JuliaM said...

White text on a red background? Oooh, not very inclusive to those with visual difficulties, is it?

Lawson Narse said...

I seem to have developed eyesight problems since viewing that!

It should have a government health warning. It also seems to be bleeding all over my desk.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

May I recommend another 'red rag' site. It may be more to our taste!

Prodicus said...


Thanks for the reminder. And they can spell, too.

Anonymous said...

my eyes have gone all funny reading that write-on-red writing on the rag.

who do i sue? ;)

luckily i managed to click the X in time to save my brains turning to mush. :)

Tory Activist

Red Rag said...

I would like to thank one for visiting the site, and one is welcomed to the site whenever one wants to visit.