Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Sunday

1. Quaequam blog thinks the LibDems have lost the plot in Norwich North.
2. John Redwood on the future of Trident.
3. Guido analyses the possibility of the Tories dropping their Inheritance Tax cut pledge.
4. London Muslim says the Tories are adopting an Islamic approach to divorce.
5. Ben Brogan on the Tory tax and spending plans.
6. Fraser Nelson on why women don't like Gordon.


Anonymous said...

I notice the Norwich Newspaper has not picked up on your article about the LD candidate.

Real shame that as the living outside the seat and having a moat makes the LD candidate a laughing stock! It was also very insightful that the LD take the voter for fools!

Anonymous said...

Guido is getting far too worked up about IHT. Following Osborne's proposal the labour party panicked and brought in their own concessions (IIRC) and so putting it on hold is not that big a deal.

Anyway lets face harsh facts we have a deficit to reduce - I for one and I think others are not unrealistic about the art of the possible.

And of course the driver for it - house prices - have fallen 'thanks' to the slump.