Friday, July 03, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Anthony Little has a busy day.
2. Paul Waugh on a merry old Boris.
3. This week Mike Rouse has mainly...
4. Donal Blaney unmasks Mrs McBride.
5. Honorary Gayer Shane Greer on the legalisation of gayness in India.
6. ConHome on the latest misleading LibDem barchart.
7. I Spy Strangers on a bad day for Keith Vaz.
8. LibDem Voice has the latest Top 30 Wikio Blogs.
9. Martin Bright has another go at Press TV.
10. Cranmer on the divine right of politicians.
11. Cicero's Songs is in Vilnius.
12. Andrea Leadsom beats me to a speed awareness course.

And as a special treat, watch Gordon Brown not singing Old MacDonald had a farm. Eat your heart out John Redwood...


Anonymous said...

I like the way his minder claps at the start of the fourth verse, so as to end the singing - which might otherwise have gone on for a few more toe curling verses.

Just like the minder managed to get Gordon away from another serve in this famous demonstration of his sporting talents...

Auntie Flo' said...

Another first then: Gordon Brown is blogging on Huffington Post at present, on the subject of Burma – or someone is blogging for him? The post doubtless stems from Arianna Huffington’s current visit to UK.

Auntie Flo' said...

Gordon is receiving some interesting questions on his Huffington blog:

"As an Englishwoman, PM Brown, can I ask how you reconcile speaking of Burma's right to democracy when you have abolished England's right to democracy by giving away the sovereign power of the people of UK to the EU?

Some 80% of UK (thus England's) laws are now made by the EU - and by an EU Commission, members of which have never been elected as Commissioners by the people of the EU. Does that not bear a horrible similarity to China's dictatorship over Burma?"

Auntie Flo' said...

Some excellent questions for Brown on his Huffington Post guest blog:

"Only agreement to release all political prisoners"

"Life long member of your party and a member of the Stop The War coalition, 82 year old Walter Wolfgang, was dragged out of your Labour Party Conference for shouting one word:

"Nonsense!", when your current Justice Minister spoke of the war in Iraq.

Mr Wolfgang was later detained by police under Labour's Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Is that not what you might call a political prisoner of your party, PM Brown?"

Auntie Flo' said...

More questions on Brown's Huffington guest blog spot:

"Have you ever lived in a country where an unelected, foreign dictatorship makes 80% of your laws?

That's what I and rest of the people of UK live with every day thanks to Gordon Brown, who gave away the sovereign power of the people of UK to the unelected, EU Commission.

Have your ever lived in an endemic surveillance society? If not, try living in England, that is what Gordon Brown and Blair have turned England into according to Privacy International. Privacy International have blacklisted UK and placed us in the same endemic surveillance society classification as China."

copydude said...

That McDonald's Farm video is just too funny . . .

'Here a boo, there a boo, everywhere a boo boo'

Talk about Funny Farm. Who one earth advises Gordon to do this stuff?

Auntie Flo' said...

More criticism of Brown on Huffpo:

"Kudos for Brown. May he beat slick Cameron."

"Liberal Conservative, David Cameron is way ahead of Brown in UK's opinion polls because people like me (I was a life-long Liberal until a few years ago) are so impressed with his honesty and capablity that we've switched our support to him.

May David Cameron beat Gordon Brown, my country desperately needs its democracy reinstated."

The Grim Reaper said...

The Daley Dozen? It hasn't been Daley for weeks. :-(

Mrs Erdleigh said...

Iain, you must be doing something right, Tristram Hunt is very upset with you. :)

Trubes said...

Brilliant U Tube clip of Brown making a fool of himself yet again, Oh how I 'larfed'.
I hope the Tories pick up on this one....What a plank.
The baby to his right clearly wasn't impressed and tried to crawl away...hilarious!

Liam said...

BT consider paying their staff one lump sum then allowing a holiday until the start of next year.

Isn't that what Westminster has been doing for years

*boom and ideed tish*

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no way I will be watching this video - it could seriously undermine my psychiatric well being.

Mark M said...

Oh it's painful. It's so painful I couldn't bear to watch it after 30 seconds or so.

Do his PR people not get it yet? He can't "let his hair down". He's incapable. He has no fun side. I feel bad for his children if this is how he behaves around them.

Anonymous said...

what an utter,utter loser.

Old Holborn said...

I see Nick Clegg is feeling left out of the handbags at dawn squabble over the vaseline vote

on Labourlist


Cynic said...

Dear God

Did they check that he had a CRB Certificate before they let him in? Those poor kids. Scared for life.

In 2040 some of them will be on the then version of Jerry Springer complaining how it ruined their childhood....they get flashbacks every time they hear the tune...etc...etc

Anonymous said...

Never heard Brown's laugh before, but it is utterly manic, like something a Mike Myers character would do.

He always looks so uncomfortable in social situations. Guido is right when he describes Brown as a social autistic.

How on earth does he hope to become a teacher? First of all, he'd be terrible at it, second of all he'll have a nervous breakdown after the first term. He should just fuck off back to Scotland and become a vicar.

Anonymous said...

Good on him.

Anonymous said...

Ha the Chipmink said anything about his latest Yootoob success - oh no, I forgot, she has retired as a talent critic!!!!