Thursday, July 02, 2009

Commons Confidential in the Staggers

I have 'sat in' for Kevin Maguire this week in writing the New Statesman 'Commons Confidential' column. Should you wish to read my pearls of wisdom you can do so HERE.


Westminster Worker said...


Are you going to be making a prediction of the Norwich North result btw? Presumably you think the Tories will take it. But what about these predictions of Labour getting beaten by the Lib Dems and the Greens?

Don't forget Craig Murray either!

Anonymous said...

Paul Waugh points to a point of order by Greg Hands over a Brown visit to his constituency.

Leaving aside how on earth Brown cannot be arsed to tell the sitting MP of his visit, he and his commentators raise two interesting points.

1 - Bercow is clearly failing at the first hurdle in his duty (never mind naming the civil servant, what about her political behaviour?)

2 - The lady in question it seems is the girlfriend of Damien McBride.

We have a gross insult to Parliament and its MP on several levels and Bercow is going to sit on his hands. I am happy to give mr Speaker the benefit of the doubt - but he is failing every test so far.

Anonymous said...

Bercow has again shown his lack of action/impartiality. I watch business questions(Commons) 11.30 on a thursday. This is far more informative than PMQs. Bercow said at the beginning short questions and answers. Same old, same old, Bercow does not stop long rambling questions and more importantly answers that not only evade the question but full of party political points.

Bercow is just as useless as Martin and leaks his own statements to the BBC before he made them in the Commons. Complaint in the commons about this 1.12pm.

Damon From Birmingham said...

Conservative Home has a headline proclaiming that you're the new Kevin Maguire. With friends like that who needs enemies!

Thomas Rossetti said...

What is Kevin Maguire up to these days, btw? I posed this question about a week ago, and no-one seemed to know.

Whenever he pops up again I'd be grateful if someone could tell me so I can harangue him mercilessly.

Twitter page)

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