Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Next Left says it was the Telegraph wot shuffled it.
2. NHS Blog Doctor says I was right to question the PM's state of mind.
3. Quaequam asks if the local elections were the worst ever for the LibDems.
4. Guido accuses Mandelson of vanity, and the Pope of catholic tendencies.
5. Graeme Archer has clearly got out of the wrong side of his bed.
6. Oberon Houston is questioning our mission in Afghanistan.
7. Caroline Flint is a hypocrite says Rights of Man.
8. Capitalists@Work predict a parliamentary comeback for Ken Livingstone.
9. We need a debate on Europe says Azeem Ibrahim.
10. The Daily Mash says it's like rats leaving a s*** government.
11. Paul Waugh asks where Alistair Darling is.
12. Edward Leigh commends the Sri Lankan government for destroying the Tamil Tigers.


Smudge said...

Mister Smudge asks why he is not on the list? and probably doesn't want to know the answer.

Blog Man said...

Good choices Iain.

I see trueBlueBlood is back as well. He wrote some perceptive stuff. he is worth an include.

JR said...

Who's Caroline Flynn?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that's a fair summary of what Quaequam is saying. Still it drives his traffic I suppose.

janner said...

The Daily Mash is the best stress reliever on the net. Outstanding. Never fails to hit the spot.
The "Margaret Beckett's head on a pike" story recently could have been true the last time a Speaker was removed forcibly!

Anonymous said...

BBC Magazine Daily Mini Quiz is asking this question >

"A spoof e-mail was sent to some Labour MPs asking them to join a rebellion against Gordon Brown. What was the name of the 'sender'?"

Answer = Alistair Darling

wv / mater