Monday, April 06, 2009

The Sonys: A Clean Sweep for 5 Live?!

The Sony Award nominations have just been announced. Here are some of the speech radio categories. I've highlighted in green the ones I would give the awards to...


America, Empire of Liberty - BBC Radio Current Affairs for Radio 4
Jon Ronson On.... - Unique the production company for BBC Radio 4
Outlook: Black in the USA - BBC Audio and Music Factual for the World Service
Prisoners' Voices - Prison Radio Association & Electric Radio Brixton for Electric Radio Brixton
Simon Mayo & Mark Kermode - BBC News for 5 live


5 live Breakfast - BBC News for 5 live
Newsbeat - BBC News for Radio 1
The World Today - BBC World Service News & Current Affairs for the World Service
The Wrap - BBC Asian Network
Today - BBC News for Radio 4


Eddie Mair - BBC News for Radio 4
Ian Wright - talkSPORT
Nicky Campbell - BBC Radio 5 live
Stephen Nolan - BBC Radio 5 live & BBC Radio Ulster
Vanessa Feltz - BBC London 94.9


Edi Stark - A Stark Production for BBC Radio Scotland
Evan Davis - BBC News for Radio 4
John Humphrys - BBC News for Radio 4
Nick Ferrari - LBC 97.3
Simon Mayo - BBC News for 5 live


5 live Breakfast - BBC News for 5 live
Bowie @ Breakfast - Radio Clyde for 102.5 Clyde 1
Kiss 100 Breakfast with Rickie, Melvin & Charlie - Kiss 100
Shaun Keaveny - BBC Audio & Music Factual for 6 Music
The Chris Moyles Show - BBC Radio 1

You'd never guess which station I listen to most, would you? :).

The full list of awards and nominations is HERE.


Richard said...

To answer your question, No.
Yes to Mayo and Kermode
No to 5 live breakfast
No No No to useless fat bigot Nolan
Yes to Mayo
Yes to 5 live breakfast (but only from that shortlist)

Another Day said...

Simon Mayo really deserves to win the two awards - I don't believe any other presenter is as well researched and knowledgeable about his guests and subject matter. No matter who his guest is, he always sounds genuinely interested in them and gets the best out of them (except maybe Liam Neeson and Davd Gest!!)

Steven Nolan - No!

I'm afraid I'm loosing interest in much of Radio 5's other output though - it's becoming far too tabloid in style and subject matter and far too often it's looking to sqaure callers off against one another.

Alan Douglas said...

Mayo and Kermode - the oddest married couple in radio !

Usually hilarious, but possibly despite rather than because of their subject matter !

Alan Douglas

Sentient WV : moott !

jailhouselawyer said...

A clean sweep for 5 Live?

Hardly, with this stiff competition...

Prisoners' Voices - Prison Radio Association & Electric Radio Brixton for Electric Radio Brixton

Jonathan Cook said...

Although I still watch and listen to mainstream media, it seems hugely irrelevant to me these days.

It is time consuming getting a balanced view of the world these days - maybe someone needs to set up and operate as slick and easy to use "media content aggregator"

Politicshome is a start..... but too niche - given it would be nice to hear balanced views on a wider range of topics.

The BBC, of course should be fulfilling this role, but they are just sooooooooo off the pace. Aren't they?

Moan over.

Simon Gardner said...

Let’s hear it for the unloved Up All Night boys from Radio 5.

I love Dr Karl.

J said...

Stephen Nolan? Oh, good god, no.

Ewen Bruce said...

5 live? for an award? You're kidding, right? Tabloid radio for the brainless generation with he attention span of a gnat. Mayo is the only exception; his double act with Kermode is at least funny, even if it does lack substance.

Patrick said...

Stephen Nolan??? You have to be joking!

Simon Mayo - a class broadcaster ( its a pity they have taken PM Question time from his show)

5 live breakfast - just. ( They need to get a grip, this is in danger of becoming "the Nicky Campbell show").

iain said...

Like most awards - a pointless exercising in the self-licking lollipop that is PR puffery.

I mean how many breakfast shows are there?


So they each win an award and become 'an award-winning show' on average once every five years.

Harmless enough I suppose.

Anonymous said...

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Jonathan said...

All Beeb then for your awards. It does highlight they must get a few things right. I wouldn't want the airwaves full of wall-to-wall "talkSPORT".

I like radio. It means I can do other things while listening. Can't stand ads myself, if that was all there was on offer I'd give up radio.