Monday, April 06, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. The Reason Blog on the African leader who thinks aid to the continent should be cut off.
2. Ian Leslie speaks in defence of politics.
3. Plato Says has a video of William Hague at his best.
4. Jeremy Hunt says the only way for politicians to be popular is to do something unpopular.
5. UK Polling Report rips apart the ICM/Sunday Mirror poll.
6. Hopi Sen on why Labour columnists don't go into politics.
7. Glyn Davies on the short sightedness of the Presiding Officer of the Welsh Assembly.
8. John Redwood says cutting spending is easy.
9. ConHome puts questions on candidate selection to the 3 National Convention Candidate.
10. Donal Blaney has a video explaining how leftists operate.
11. John Leonard asks what would happen if we only had 100 MPs.
12. Douglas Carswell on the death of the left.


Helen said...

Re your first entry: Dambisa Moyo is a highly intelligent, knowledgeable and admirable person but she is not an African leader, merely a writer and an economist. Hell will freeze over before an actual leader will say that aid is destroying his country.

javelin said...

The first link about Africa is great. Africa is a continent on benefits. Aid is given out of pity not reason. Since 1970 poverty has gone from 11 to 60 percent.

Aid is another example of the "rush to victimhood" that is part of the emotional reason that us destroying social structures. Sadly it is not left in nature but more generally female in nature. Pity , fairness, offence , victim, equality all add to the toxic philosophy that is political correctness.

Where is the responsibility, learning mistakes, strength, security, wealth creation, self confidence and most importantly happiness and well beingin political correctness. It isn't there. Political correctness looks for sadness and despair.It grows in dark places and creates more shade for itself. It has in Africa. It is doing so here.

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