Saturday, May 12, 2007

Make Me a Tory: Sunday 8.25-8.55am Channel 4

Tomorrow morning on Channel 4, at the bizarre time of 8.25am, there's a film by Daniel Cormack called MAKE ME A TORY. Here's the promo blurb...
For Daniel Cormack, the thought of nailing his colours to the Tory mast is
nothing short of horrific. But can this disillusioned Labour voter do the
unthinkable and turn Tory? From swilling port with the pampered Hoorah Henrys of the Oxford University Conservatives, to picking up litter in a muddy field with
the gung-ho teenage Tories of the Wirral, to a one-on-one chat with David
Cameron himself, Daniel travels the country to find out exactly what it is that
modern Conservatives believe and how they see the future of this country.Sharp
and entertaining, MAKE ME A TORY is an accessible and genuinely revealing look
at the political movers and shakers who form the future of the Conservative
party…and one man's journey through their world.


Anonymous said...

Will any members of the Cornerstone group be featured, one wonders ??

canvas said...

Anon says: "Will any members of the Cornerstone group be featured, one wonders ?? "

Well, that would be bad publicity. Let's hope not!

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives need to learn that former Labour and Lib Dem supporters who are considering supporting the Conservatives or who might be happy to be described as Conservatives will NEVER ever be Tories or wish to be described as such.

Auntie Flo'

ezra said...

Auntie Flo - does that mean you don't want their votes?

Anonymous said...

I'm a former Lib Dem supporter Ezra who voted for the Conservatives during the local election. I currently support the Conservatives - as long as Cameron refrains from insulting England and the English and cuts out the utopian spin doctored and Polly Toynbee nonsense - but I shall never be a Tory. Tory politics is like nulab politics, too devisive.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

I hope this programme isnt as pro-tory as it threatens to be...

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

"Accessible", eh?

I love it when things are described as "accessible". I was wondering what would replace the word "dynamic".

Does this mean there'll be an irritating woman in the corner doing the hand jive?

As with Flo, I veer away from the term 'Tory'. I hate it. Although I can appreciate that there are people who want to rescue it and restore it to its historical origins, in much the same way I would with the word 'liberal'. I despise how so many of us have let that word be hijacked by the left and the Daily Mail alike.

The Hitch said...

the joke
"if I gave your mother the wool would she make me one?"
Cameron nes to concentrate on winning back conservative votes like mine not wooingl efties who will never vote Conservative.

I just wish Norman Tebbit would come back

Anonymous said...


Not wanting to be a Tory doesn't mean I'm a left winger, my views are right of centre and opposed to extremism of left or right.

That doesn't mean I hate Tebbit or Davis, on the contrary. I disagree with the extreme views of canvas who wants Davis sacked and Tories and the right driven out of the Conservatives. The idea of a broad church is excellent. Davis would be a brilliant Home Secretary.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Machiavelli's Understudy said:

I can appreciate that there are people who want to rescue it and restore it to its historical origins, in much the same way I would with the word 'liberal'. I despise how so many of us have let that word be hijacked by the left and the Daily Mail alike.

Totally agree with you.

Auntie Flo'

canvas said...

Auntie Flo - Davis will be fine if he is kept on a short leash. But watch your back. :)

Liam Fox must go. LoL

Anonymous said...

canvas, why have you changed your mind?

12 May 2007 canvas said...
Davis will be fine if he is kept on a short leash. But watch your back. :)

On 28 Jan 2007 on webcameron, canvas said:

Dear David, Do you really want to win the next general election? ? ?
Then I suggest you demote (or sack) David Davis and Liam Fox. They are such huge liabilities. They represent what is worst about the Conservative Party. David Davis has such a huge ego - he's vain and arrogant. They are both right wing tossers.Do yourself a favour and promote Ed Vaizey MP.
Otherwise, we're stuck with Gordon. No doubt about it.

Auntie Flo'

canvas said...

Auntie Flo, I haven't changed my mind about Fox. He must go. But Davis is slowing (very slowly) growing on me. He appears to be doing a good job and towing the DC line. He will be OK as long as he remembers that Cameron is the leader. However, I would advise DC to watch his back. :)

Ed Vaizey must be promoted!

garypowell said...

The question is clear

Do you personaly like living in a western free liberal democracy?

Or dont you?

Seems like an obvious question to answer, yes, for most normal people.

This is untill you talk to a real socialists. It is at this point you realise that real socialists dont like liberty, freedom or anything western at all. As for the western idear of democracy, dont even go there.

Trying to convert a real brainwashed and comitted socialist is a waste of time and energy. Because you find yourself talking a completely different language.

However all is not lost because in my experience there are far far fewer of these people then there are people that vote for socialist partys.

Most voters are in fact Conservative in all but name. They just want a quiet life free from riots strikes and constant discontent spread by the media and most of all the BBC.

The biggest problem for the Conservative party is that their Liberal tendencies have allowed the BBC and the state and independent education system and most of the public institutions to be all but completly TAKEN OVER by commited and very active socialists.

These minority discontents see their whole reason for being,to be the erradication of free market western capitalism and its main proponent the USA, from the entire planet.

Socialism used to be based far more only in the Trades Union movement subsidised by cash from the old Soviet Union. However post Thatcher these are both, cashless dead ducks. So we now have Islamofascist subsidised, European institutional socialism.

This fairly covert process has been going on for several generations now and the rotten fruits of this long term strategy are now causeing cronic European Anti-libertarian diarea yet again.

Good luck David, you are going to nead every bit of it. And so are we.

Praguetory said...

Who would be ashamed of being a tory? There isn't a single policy area where Labour have shown up the Conservatives. Supporting Labour in 2007 should be a matter of personal embarassment.

Anonymous said...

" real socialists dont like liberty, freedom or anything western at all."

whereas 90 per cent of real Conservatives dont like liberty, freedom or anything social at all - for anybody except themselves and those who they choose.

Praguetory said...

90% of Socialist posts on this site have no online identity.

garypowell said...

Anon 3:02
You are simply dangerously wrong.
You know nothing whatsoever about Conservatism. Your ignorence is manifest and your class hatered is completely missplaced. For the reasons I have already explained.

Nobody and I do mean nobody even bothers to talk about policy at my Conservative party meetings without refuring to what gives and retains freedom for even the most poorest of people.

Stop watching Eastenders Dr Who and the rest of the BBCs authoratarian socialist propagander and you might start thinking for yourself one day.

garypowell said...

anon 3:02
May I add, that if what you say is or was even slightly true freedom in Britain would have died out about the same time as the DO-DO.

Anonymous said...

"Make Me a Tory"

Well nobody would volunteer to be one, would they?

"Make Me a Tory"

out of slugs and nails and puppydogs' tails?

Anonymous said...

"freedom in Britain would have died out about the same time as the DO-DO."

And we can see you're not dead yet, so that makes us OK?

Anonymous said...

"Nobody .. .bothers to talk about policy at my Conservative party meetings without refuring..."

Is that a euphamism for 'pulling the wool?

Surely the only talk at Tory meetings about policy is "When is David Cameron going to find the word in his dictionary" or "Which of Tony Blair's shall we adopt next?"

If you do not realise that only 10 per cent of Conservatives are nice, (and only ten per cent of Labour Party members these days are not conservatives) you are probably part of the 90 per cent!

garypowell said...

But the 10% in the Labour party are far more power inflential and dangerous to the future of liberty then a 10% rump of old authoratarian Toff Tories that are largly confinded to shire counties or mental homes.

In my own experience however I have not met one of these people and have not seen or heard of them on the media for 30 years or so.

However, dangerous haters of Liberty like George Gallaway who may not be Labour members anymore but are supported still by a sizable amount of Labour activists is spoating Fascism from ever tree top the BBC can grow for them.

I stated that in my opinion these types are real socialists, and that a vaste magority of British people are not real socialists, whether they vote Labour or lib/Dem or not.

They just want to have a quiet life,free from homelessness child poverty and all the social problems that go with it.

The only question is how best to deal with these problems in the long run.

People that vote for socialist parties very largely are not interested in causeing the fall of the free and democratic world any more then Conservatives are. They just for a while at least have thought that the state should have a more direct role for a while.

This is now changing simply because this Labour government has had 10 years and a lot of their spare cash to solve the problem and the state has again shown its self to be more then wanting. And it has again used much of the cash and the law to repress their liberty, standard of living and quality of life.

As a libertarian, far more then a natural Conservative this is no surprise to me. To right-wing libertarians it is the state that is the biggest/only danger to the freedom/exsistance of mankind.

Because without a big powerfull and relitively rich state, oppresion is not possible to maintain.

Where as stable self earned cash, that ordinary people can choose freely to spend, and have goods and services freely and competively available to spend it on, is what maintains liberty,and prosperity even for the poorest.

This because politicians have shown themselves time and time again in History not to be able to be trusted with such a valuable and essential human right.

Fascists like GG know exactly what they are up to, however much they keep it up their sleeves, or are in a state of permanent public denile about it.

"Nice" socialists ( I would call them missguided Conservatives) as you put it would do well to spend more effort distancing themselves from these people and their bank rollers instead of pampering to their very strong fascist totalitarian anti-Libertarian lies and anti-American agenda.

Before we end up envolved in a WW again. You cant this time wait untill the Soviet Union gets attacked this time because the Soviet Union does not exsist. And the "toys" almost available to the enemies of liberty are far to dangerous for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Rather than trying to convert Libdem and Labour supporters, it would make more sense to get people who have voted Conservative in the past (but who can't be bothered nowadays) to vote again.

The biggest threat to the chances of a future Conservative government is apathy.

garypowell said...

anon 3:45 and 3:50
As I dont have a slightest idear what you are talking about and I suspect you dont either. So it is impossible to make a coherent reply.

But then that was probelly your intention.

It seems the BBC has done a fine job on you. You are confused like many many so called socialists are these days and it is best you go and rest you tiny brain, before it has a permanent overload.

Anonymous said...

What did everyone think of the programme?

You can rate it and put reviews on the Internet Movie Database:

Lord Cashcroft said...

If I gave you the wool, (dyed in), would you knit me one?