Saturday, March 05, 2005

Varied Times

Set out at 8.45 in blizzard like conditions for the coast. We have a new leaflet on coastal erosion which we're delivering to the coastal villages. What a very cold and wet morning. The snow was a joy (not). Six of us trudged through huge puddles but we did a sterling job and completed delivery in four areas. We didn;t doorknock today due to the weather but I spoke to quite a lot of people who really liked what we were saying in the leaflet. I'll try and upload a PDF of it onto the website soon.

We called it a day mid afternoon and I drove into Norwich to see the Chelsea game. As you may know I am a West Ham supporter so it waa good to see Joe Cole, Frank Lampard and Glen Johnson playing. Joe Cole scored a cracker of a goal, but Norwich were certainly not outclassed, except up front. The new striker Dean Ashton seemed completely out of his depth. I thought Norwich's new defender, whose name now escapes me (Jon Shakkalley?) was very good. Thankfully Delia remained silent!

This evening I have been talking to Norwich North Conservatives. I have a lot of friends there from my time working for Patrick Thompson MP in the 1980s. Their candidate James Tumbridge is only 25 but is doing a good job in his bid to oust my old sparring partner Ian Gibson. I ran the campaign there against him in 1992 when we won by 266 votes. He and I now get on extremely well. He may be one of my favourite Labour MPs but I still hope James beats him obviously!


Tom said...

Iain- off subject but what happened to your monthly polls? We've had December's poll but that is all. I enjoy nothing better than answering a few loaded questions every once in a while!

Also, been exploring your main site, and your new interactive area (which is rather amusing): can you tell us more about your campaign theme? What song is it? When will it be used?

Anonymous said...

Off road again - I've been trying to request some information via your website, Iain, but the postcode/address finding thing you've got isn't working and keeps freezing, and I'm not permitted to either put in my own address or send you a message without an address inserted. VERY FRUSTRATING!

What I wanted to know was where I can find an outline of the Conservative policy on coastal erosion/management of the shoreline. I can't find anything on the conservative website about this at all but I know you said there is one...

Thanks very much

Tim J.

Iain Dale said...

Tim, sorry the postcode thing isn't working. I will check it out. I am currently working on a coastal defence policy which will be announced before the election. If you email me your postal address I will send you a leaflet we are currently delivering to the coastal villages, which tells you what the policy will involve. My email is